13 Succulent Subscriptions That Bring Joy to Your Space

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If you need a little green in your life, either at home or in the office, a succulent subscription box might be for you! Monthly plant clubs deliver low-maintenance and easy-to-care-for plants right to your doorstep. Each month, your delivery will bring a smile to your face, and you will look forward to expanding your plant family.

Succulents, cacti, and air plants are small but mighty flora that requires very little maintenance. Easy to care for and virtually impossible to kill, they need watering just once a week and, when cared for properly, can last up to 10 years! They are charming decor for your home, apartment, dorm, or office and can be a versatile accent in windowsills, etageres, countertops, or bookshelves. Succulents can lower anxiety and boost your mood too!

A plant subscription box is a great budget-friendly way to get some green delivered to your doorstep, with options starting at just $5 per month. They also make a unique gift offering a monthly smile to your loved one!

With many plant subscriptions available, you will find it hard to pick just one! So here is a round-up of some succulent subscriptions that will bring joy to your space.

The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source plant club is all about variety! For just $30 a month with free shipping, you will receive five unique 2.5 inch fully rooted and potted succulents. This plant club is committed to zero repeats with an annual subscription so that you will get 60 different plants over a year. This really adds quite a fantastic range to your collection! When you prepay for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, you can save money with a discount of up to 10% off. All succulents are labeled and come with detailed care instructions, plus you can find out more about each plant on their website. Shipments are in the U.S. only during the first week of each month.

Succulent Studios

Add a pop of color to your home, office, or dorm with a Succulent Studios subscription box. Your 8-week old baby plants from southern California will arrive monthly. The price starts at $10 per month for two plants, plus shipping. The subscription auto-renews; however, you can completely customize your shipments. Succulent Studios grows their plants using only organic materials and ships them in biodegradable pots. This company has excellent customer service and is a top subscription box pick. It is an inexpensive option, and many people like that it is organic and has 100% plastic-free packaging. Your order will ship in the U.S. within 2 to 3 days of your order.

Succulents Monthly

High-quality, healthy plants with cute pots and containers are what you will get with a Succulents Monthly subscription box. For as low as $32 per month with free shipping, you will receive a fun, distinctive pot or container to house your plant in, care instructions, organic growing mix, and other thoughtful extras. Sign up for a monthly subscription or receive a discount when you prepay for a 3, 6, or 12-month plan. Awarded the Cratejoy Best of 2020 award, this plant club consistently gets high ratings. Orders ship within the U.S. only around the 25th of the month.

Plant Boxs

With Plant Boxs you will receive farm curated, premium quality plants with a flexible subscription plan. You can choose to receive your plants monthly or weekly and pick small/medium, mixed, or large plants. It is very customizable, and you can easily pause, cancel or switch plans. Each plant is handpicked and shipped to reach you in just 48 to 72 hours. You can also buy plants without a subscription plan, so there is something for everyone with Plant Boxs. They also have a user-friendly app to notify you of updates regarding your subscription. You’ll enjoy building up your plant family with Plant Boxs!

Leaf and Clay

With a plant subscription from Leaf and Clay, you will receive a three-pack of 2.5-inch unpotted succulents, handpicked for a unique variety. Subscription plans are monthly, with prices starting at $19.95 and free shipping. There are also one-time variety packs you can buy. This company ships all succulents without pots, making it an excellent option for zero-waste gardening if you have containers or intend to plant outside in your garden. There are discounts for a three or 6-month plan. This plant subscription box is perfect for gardeners who want to take things into their own hands once their plant family arrives.

The Sill

The Sill indoor plant subscription box has monthly plans starting at $42 a month, including shipping. Each box comes with an interesting earthenware planter to dress your plants. There are different options, including a beginner pack, low light, and low maintenance pack, or a subscription box perfect if you have pets. A 3-month subscription of medium plants for beginners makes an especially great gift!

Succulent Lovers

The Succulent Lovers plant subscription option is excellent if you are looking for variety! You can begin building your succulent garden with three different options, and prices start at $10.17 plus shipping. If you choose the Just Cuttings box, you will receive two different succulent varieties that change monthly. You will receive a well-rooted succulent growing in a glass, ceramic or concrete planter with the Potted Plant Box. These are perfect for decorating your living or working space. Finally, if you’d like to try the world of cacti, a DIY arrangement planter kid would be perfect, and it includes two different varieties of plants. Shipping is in the U.S. only, and boxes go out on the 2nd Monday of every month.

Mountain Crest Gardens

What makes the Mountain Crest Gardens succulent subscription box unique is that it selects a monthly theme, unlike any other. Some past examples include pinks and pearls, winter blues, and unique shapes. In addition, you will receive four small succulents delivered in plastic pots, a mystery plant, care instructions, and sometimes bonuses like a foliage cleaning brush. At the cost of just $21.95 with free shipping, this ultimate one-of-a-kind subscription box is a super affordable choice! It is also a perfect long-term plant club option as the company grows a wide variety of plants, and it will take a while before a subscriber sees a duplicate.

House Plant Box

With a House Plant Box subscription, you have a considerable amount of options, from succulents, houseplants, garden boxes, cuttings, seedboxes, or air plants. Subscribers rave about how happy they are with the sheer variety this company provides. Even local nurseries or big-box retailers do not carry a lot of the types offered with this subscription. Plus, there is a pet-friendly box to keep your furry friends safe. Plans start at $14.99 with free shipping (on the annual option) and ship in the U.S., usually the second week of the month. House Plant Box is a no-fuss subscription plan with plants from around the world joining your plant family each month.

Succulents Box

Here is another plant club with a wide variety of succulents! There are a few subscription options, and the price starts at $5. A great way to begin or add to your collection, you will receive 1 to 4 different fully rooted plants in 2-inch pots. With over 300 varieties grown in sunny southern California, you will find the Succulents Box subscription an excellent option for diversifying your plant portfolio. Ships in the U.S. within three days of ordering and renewals ship around the 18th of each month. There is a succulent pack great for beginners, and they also offer a pet-friendly box.

The Cactique

Spruce up your living decor by adding charm and a pop of color with a plant box from The Cactique! A plant subscription with The Cactique starts at $18.66 per month. With this option, you will receive a top-quality mini succulent or cactus handpicked by plant experts. Each package includes an arrangement of the month, top dressing like rocks or moss, care instructions, and a bonus for yourself. Extras include soap, a candle, or a plant-themed item. Subscriptions are available in the U.S. only, and your package will ship within 3 to 5 business days from purchase. Subsequent boxes ship around the same time monthly.

Air Plants Monthly

This subscription box is perfect if you want to dive into the world of air plants! Incredibly ideal for the non-green thumbs, air plants requires very minimal care. Each month with an Air Plants Monthly box, you will receive four moderate-sized fresh, healthy plants. Plans start at $17.99 per month and ship within the U.S. only every 1st week of the month. Plants will differ each month but will include various clumps, blooming plants, single larger plants, and rare/uncommon plants. To care for your air plants, give them a quick soak every couple of weeks. It’s that simple!

So Cal Succulents

So Cal Succulents offers two kinds of monthly plant boxes – one for the casual green thumb and one for a plant collector that likes to get crafty with their plant arrangements. This subscription is especially fun if you want to create your placement and curations. There are four flexible options available, and prices start at $10 a month, with free shipping on all plans. Your plants will ship in the middle of the month, and all succulents are grown in Southern California.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of options available when looking for a succulent subscription box. While flowers are lovely, they perish quickly, which makes a plant subscription box a great way to bring a beautiful surprise to your home monthly. It’s also a great way to give your office space a pleasant perk, and of course, the beauty of the plant makes a great gift idea. When taken care of properly, your plants will last a long time and give you or a gift recipient something to remember.

Succulents have unique superpowers, helping to cleanse and dehumidify the air, increase oxygen while averting colds & flu, boost healing and even increase productivity at work. They consume very little water and need very little to thrive. Succulents are perfect for bedrooms as they produce oxygen at night while other houseplants emit carbon dioxide. These small but mighty plants are incredible, so enjoy whatever succulent subscription box you choose to bring joy to your space!

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