5 Ways To Add Flavor To Boxed Cake Mix

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We all know how easy cake mixes can be. However, the flavor always seems to be lacking. The good news is you don’t have to give up that easy mix. You can add flavor that greatly improves the overall product. Whether you use real butter or add sour cream, you can add delicious taste to those boxed cake mixes.

1. Use Real Butter

Many boxed cakes mixes call for oil. The truth is you don’t have to use oil. Oil was added to the instructions because oil is easy. Instead of using the amount of oil called for, add the same amount of melted butter. The flavor is so much better that you won’t mind that extra step or the added expense.

2. Add Extracts

A great way to add flavor is to use extracts. There are so many to choose from and they can be a fun way to change the flavor to something unique. For example, you could add maple extract to a butter cake mix. You could add almond extract to a cherry cake mix. You could try mint extract in a chocolate cake mix.  Look at all the flavors available in your store and mix and match for something new. Add 1 teaspoon of extract for a standard-sized cake mix.

3. Replace the Water

Another simple tip is to replace the water in the boxed cake mix for something more flavorful. It might be milk or even juice. If you want something super simple, mix a cake mix with a can of soda. That’s all you need. Those two ingredients come together for an awesome cake. Best of all, the flavor combinations are endless. Try chocolate with cherry cola or yellow cake with a citrus soda.

4. Add Something Extra

There are so many yummy ingredients you can add to a cake mix. It might be mini chocolate chips, mini candy baking pieces, sprinkles, nuts, dried fruit, even grated carrots or zucchini. It’s just a simple way to not only add additional flavor but texture as well.

5. Add Sour Cream

Last, but not least, one tablespoon of sour cream can add amazing flavor to your boxed cake mix. If you love sour cream donuts, you’re going to love this addition. You can do this with any cake mix, but chocolate and strawberry cake mix work especially well with this add-in.

If you love the convenience of cake mixes but aren’t crazy about the flavor, you’re going to love these tips. Do you have any other ideas on how to add flavor to a boxed cake mix?! Do share with us in the comments below!

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