5 Ways To Save Money At Target

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Target is a great place to buy pretty much everything you need in one trip. Some of the bigger Targets even have large grocery sections! But sometimes Target items may seem a little pricey, or you may just be trying to stick to a budget. Luckily there are several ways to shop at Target without going over budget! Check out these 5 Ways to Save Money at Target!

1. Use Your Smartphone

An easy way to save money at Target is to use your smartphone! With Target’s mobile Circle offers in the app, you can save a lot. These savings aren’t just on Target’s own brands (Up & Up, Market Pantry, etc.), but also on name brands or whole categories of goods! You can load Circle offers right from the Target app under the “Discover” menu in the bottom right corner.

2. Get Rain Checks

If something is on sale at a great price but is all sold out, you don’t have to miss out! If you take advantage of Target’s rain check policy, you can save a lot. Sometimes there will be a rain check tag that you can tear off at the shelf, but if there isn’t one, you can use your smartphone to take a picture of the price tag on the shelf. With that info, a cashier or someone at customer service should be able to print a rain check for you. As long as you come back to buy the item within the next 6 weeks, you’ll be able to use your rain check and get it at that great sale price!

3. Price Match with Online Stores

A great way to save big at Target is to price match with Target’s online competitors. Amazon is included! This is an easy way to get something that you would normally get on Amazon without waiting for shipping, but still getting the lower Amazon price! This is even better if the item normally wouldn’t qualify for free shipping. A lower price and no shipping fees – that’s saving a lot of money! You can read the details of Target’s price match policy here.

4. Take Advantage of Price Adjustments

If you really want to save money at Target in the two weeks following your purchase, watch out for lower prices on things you bought. Whether the lower price is available from Target itself, a local competitor, or a qualified online competitor, Target will provide a retroactive price match in the form of a price adjustment. All you need is your receipt and the printed ad or the online product’s webpage. Show both to a customer service representative, and you’ll get your price adjustment!

5. Be Markdown Smart

As they say, patience is a virtue, and Target rewards patience with great savings on marked-down items! If you want to save money at Target, consider waiting a few days before buying anything that you find marked down. Target markdowns start at 15% and can go all the way to 90%! Prices ending in .06 or .08 usually will be marked down again. You need to take a calculated risk between how much of the item Target has left and what discount you want. If you find something at 50% off and it’s the only one left, it may be best to get it instead of waiting as someone else will likely buy it before you return the next day!

One last bonus tip is to make sure you sign up for the RedCard Target Card. You will easily save 5% off your total purchase just for charging your purchase on the card!

How do you save money at Target?  Please share your tips with us in the comments!

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