5 Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store

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Going food shopping doesn’t have to be a strain on the budget. With a little time and preparation, every frugal parent can learn to save money at the grocery store.

Clip Coupons

The Sunday Newspaper is still a valuable resource for saving money at the supermarket. Take a few minutes each week to sit down and clip coupons for products that you would typically buy.

Once you have your clipped coupons, organize them by store aisle. Using this method will help you shop for products more efficiently and get you in and out of the store faster.

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Another great resource for coupons is the internet. If you are looking for a specific item, visit my coupon database to search if there are any savings available.

You can also check a brand’s website to see if they have coupons to print out. If there are none available for the product you are interested in, try emailing or calling the company directly. Often they will be happy to mail you some savings!

Here at WNY Deals and To Dos, I try my best to compile a variety of deals using coupons. Be sure to check out my site often for new coupons to print in the coupons.com print center. Also, bookmark this page so you can regularly visit to see what new savings are available.

Keep in mind some grocery stores double the face value of a coupon up to a certain amount. If you don’t know your grocery store policy, ask a sales associate for details. In the Western New York area, we have Tops Friendly Markets, Wegmans and Dash’s that all double manufacturers’ coupons $0.99 or less in value.

In addition, sign up for loyalty reward cards. Loyalty cards are a great way to earn extra discounts and points to save on other purchases.  Some stores, like Tops Markets, offer points for coupons redeemed.  In turn, use these points when filling up your tank at the gas station to save yourself money on gas!

Never Leave Home Without a List

First, plan your meals for the week ahead of time, make a list of the actual items you will need for the week, and then only buy those items! Doing this will help you cut down on impulse shopping and lower your grocery bill.

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Beware of Buying in Bulk

People often think that bigger is better, but that is not always true, especially if the smaller packages are on sale. Many stores include the unit price on their store shelf so you can easily compare the value of a larger package versus the smaller one. When you take the time to analyze the unit prices, you can easily save more money.

Leave the Little Ones at Home…and Possibly the Big Ones Too.

Not only is it quicker to shop by yourself, especially if you have a list, but it is often less expensive. If your kids or significant other are like mine, they are master manipulators and can easily con you into buying this or that. Unfortunately, this and that can add up when you get to the checkout line! 

Besides, I enjoy grocery shopping solo.  It’s a form of me-time.  ☺

Spend More Time Preparing Your Food

Prepackaged foods can be expensive, with a little time and investment though you can avoid those obvious markups.

For example, instead of purchasing already grated cheese, use your grater to shred cheese. Also, don’t purchase individual servings. While they are handy to grab and go, you can often use small Tupperware containers and create your own individual servings.

Another great way to save is to create a large meal and freeze leftovers. Doing this is an especially great tactic when making soups since you no longer will need to purchase individual cups of soup.

You can also easily make an excellent vegetable stock using scrap veggies. I have been doing this with my Misfits Market scraps. As you go through your veggies, save odds and ends by popping them into a container in the freezer. When you have enough to cook, boil them in a pot of water for 3 to 4 hours to get a tasty broth.

In conclusion, next time you plan a trip to the grocery store, remember to make a list and clip your coupons! Plus if you can go grocery shopping solo. Then while at home, spend a few hours preparing meals. Doing these few things can add up and help you save money at the grocery store.

Going food shopping doesn’t have to be a strain on the budget. With a little time and preparation, every frugal parent can learn to save money at the grocery store.

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    #6 – Familiarize yourself with fruits and veggies in season before shopping for groceries. In-season produce is always cheaper and has more nutrients.

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