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About the Author



Hello, my name is Christina, and it is so great to meet you! I am the owner of WNYDealsandToDos.com, and I would like to share a little bit more about myself.



I am a wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 beautiful kiddos, a girl and a boy. My husband and I are raising our children in a suburb of our hometown, Buffalo, New York. We enjoy finding new things to experience throughout WNY!



Fun facts about me:



  • My interests are board games, baking cakes (view my cake album here), doing puzzles, making crafts, shopping, couponing, and traveling (especially to Disney!).
  • I have a dual degree in Economics and Finance.
  • I’m timid and socially awkward. It’s all good, though. I am learning to love who I am, weirdness and all.
  • I started couponing when I was just 13 years old, and I love to save money!



My husband and I are the typical American couple, having had our share of ups and downs. Becoming parents has been the best thing that has ever happened to us! It has also been the hardest, and along the way, we have come to realize that balance is the key to a happy us.  For me, it has been more challenging to find that perfect balance. I am hoping that through blogging, it will help me discover my balance. 



About the Site



When I had my first child, I decided I wanted to quit my job to stay at home. Now that we were living on a tighter budget, I found myself doing a lot of research to save my family money. Once again, I had become serious about clipping coupons and looking for things to do with my children for little or no cost. Friends & family became interested in knowing more about how I found these deals or the things I was doing with the kids. With this, the idea of WNY Deals and To-Dos came about.



This blog was started back in May of 2011. About five years into running the blog, I decided to drop the “WNY” part from my name. I realize now that was a mistake, as I had little drive to write for a more national audience. I’m now seeing 2020 with that essential piece returning to my blog!



Running the site has been a lot of fun for me. I have been able to combine some of my favorite things all in one task – designing the web pages, couponing, finding things to do, and, most of all, helping others!  If I can save you even $20 a year or find something fun for you to do with your children, your difference is my difference.  And that is all I am hoping.