And the decorating has begun!

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Have you realized that there are only 34 days until Santa comes?  I can’t believe it!

So I decided to start decorating with the kids today.  Just a little bit here and there.  We had a lot of fun painting snowflakes on the windows with the FREE Bic White Out I picked up this morning.  I was the one to make the snowflakes (sniffing white-out isn’t something I want the kids to experience this young) and they made the holly berries, a snowman, Santa, and some fainter snowflakes with very cheap or FREE Wet n Wild I recently purchased.  After the holidays, everything will easily wash off with nail polish remover or glass cleaner.  I’m really happy with how it turned out!

While at The Dollar Tree this morning I also purchased 3 rolls of wrapping paper, 2 glitter bells to hang from our ceiling, a candy cane door hanger, and a 2 sets of those sponge grow things that you put in hot water, the plastic dissolves and a sponge shape appears.  My kids really enjoy being surprised by what each capsule turns into.  This would make a great and cheap stocking stuffer by the way!

While the kids melted their sponge capsules, I wrapped up all the photo frames on our walls.  A friend of mine does this every year and I just love how it looks!  So I copied her and it really makes the room look so festive.  For only a buck each, I paid just a few dollars to do this and there is still a lot of wrap left!

I also hung the sparkly bells and tinsel candy cane decoration. I was really happy with my finds at The Dollar Tree!!!

So have you started decorating yet?!  I know many people like to wait until after Thanksgiving (which is next week – yikes!) but since we are hosting Thanksgiving I wanted some festive decorations up.

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