Best Price of Pumpkins Around WNY

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If you still have pumpkins to buy, it seems that Aldi’s is keeping the lowest price around town at $2.99 with Walmart in a close second at $3.28. While I found the pumpkins at Walmart to be still dirt-covered, they were a decent size and for the most part in fine shape. I haven’t yet been over to Aldi’s so not sure how their pumpkins are looking but I have heard good things from other readers.

The price for pumpkins around the WNY area are as follows:

Aldi’s – $2.99
Walmart – $3.28
Tops Markets – $6.00
Wegmans – $4.99
Target – $5.99

Note these prices are last I knew as of October 10, 2021 and are subject to change.

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