Best Rides for Young Children at Hershey Park

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Hershey Park, PA is a great place for a family vacation. There are things to see and do, yummy food to eat, and of course, wonderful Hershey chocolate. If you’re taking young children, however, you might be worried about what they will be able to do there. Are there rides they can enjoy? How will you prevent fatigue as you try to enjoy long days at the park?

Well, if you’re taking young children to the park, be sure you bring or rent a stroller. Even if the child is old enough to walk on their own for normal outings, they will grow tired more quickly than older children and adults when at the park. You should also try to get the 2-day pass if possible. This way, you can spend two days seeing and doing everything you can and not feel so rushed.  We have been able to spend a whole day in the water park area and another full day just on the rides!

As for rides, Hershey Park does it a little different than some theme parks. They don’t have a designated “kiddie area”. The young kid rides are mixed in with the other rides throughout the park. This means if you have family and children of different ages, you all get something to enjoy as you make your way throughout the park. It also means your children won’t feel secluded to one area. However, you will need to sort through which rides are for young children and which ones are not.

Some of them are obvious, based on the ride itself. Some you might not be so sure. It’s always at the discretion of the ride operator whether or not your child can get on a ride. Here are some suggestions of rides to look for.

Here are some of the best rides for young children at Hershey Park:

• Granny Bugs – This is a car ride where your child can ride alone. Cars circle a small track.
• Mini Pirate – A child-sized version of the big Pirate ship that swings guests back and forth.
• Kissing Tower – An enclosed cabin that goes over 250 feet into the air and rotates, showing you a full panoramic view of the park.
• Bizzy Bees – So much fun! You buzz through the air inside bees. There are even little buttons inside to make a buzzing sound.
• Starship America – This is a circular ride where you can control the up and down movement of the ship. You will have to ride with your child.
• Frog Hopper – This is a vertical ride where guests are lifted up and then “hopped” down to their descent. Parents are able to ride if they wish to accompany their child(ren).
• Balloon Flite – This moderate-speed cycling kiddie ride is a lot of fun and allows children to pretend they are floating in a hot air balloon.
• Sandcastle Cove – This is water-fun for younger guests and includes smaller water slides, cannons, wading pool (depth of 18 inches) and more!

Hershey Park is very family-friendly and as you can see, there are rides and things to do for children of all ages. So if you’re planning a repeat trip or your very first visit, you are now better equipped to find the best rides for young children at Hershey Park.

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