Binder Index Dividers Write & Erase Tabs – Large Set of 48 for less than $10

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Index dividers for binders seem to be requested more and more in the higher grade levels. This year I need 55 to fulfill both of my kids’ lists! Needless to say, I have been on the hunt for a deal on binder index dividers, since we are in need of so many, and the cost can add up quickly for just this one supply item.

There are a lot of different options out there for index dividers and prices vary quite a bit. I found quite a price difference between the 5 tab sets and the 8 tab sets, which puzzles me because there are just 3 more dividers in the larger pack. When shopping at Target recently, it was over a $2 difference just for 3 extra dividers!

Personally, I have found the write and erase tabs to be the best for my kids. Back in the day, I remember trying to write on those little teeny slips of paper, then having to squeeze them into the colored tabs. Then to remove the labels I would have to use a paper clip or the tip of a pencil to try to push the paper out. After trying the Avery Write & Erase style in 2018, I was able to narrow down my deal hunting this year as I knew this is the option I wanted for all of the dividers we needed.

I do have about 10 or so from the previous year, so the multi-pack currently available on Amazon works for me even though it is less than the 55 I need.

Here is what I think to be the best deal overall:

Avery 8-Tab Binder Dividers, Write & Erase Multicolor Big Tabs, 6 Sets, School Binder Organizers (23079) – 73079

These are currently priced at $12.10 for all 48 dividers, plus you can clip a coupon to save 20%, making the total just $9.68. That makes them $1.61 for each set. As a price comparison, these same sets are $2.85 at and $3.99 at

If you are looking for cheap dividers with little tabs of white paper, Dollar Tree has Colorful Plastic Index Dividers, 8-ct. Packs. I think you can just write the subject right on the tab, however, I am certain they are not eraseable. Personally, I don’t care for these and it would have cost me about the same as going with the write and erase tabs.

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