Clean Your Bedroom Faster with these 5 Tips

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You don’t have to be a kid to dread cleaning your bedroom! Unfortunately, it has to be done, regardless of how old you are.  But while cleaning your room isn’t fun, it doesn’t have to take all day either!  Speed up the process with these 5 Tips to Help You Clean Your Bedroom Faster!

1. Straighten Up First

If you want to clean your bedroom faster, first you should straighten everything up. It will be hard to make the bed with magazines on it, or to vacuum the floor when shoes are lying around! Stopping in the middle of vacuuming or dusting to pick things out of your way will just take up extra time. It’s much more efficient to pick everything up at the start! Therefore before you get out your cleaning supplies, take a look around your room. If anything is out of place, put it where it belongs.

2. Get Your Supplies Early

Stopping to grab yet another cleaning supply is an easy way to waste time cleaning up your bedroom! If you want to save time and get the chore done faster, you need to know from the start what you’ll need to use and have all those things gathered and ready to go. Consider placing them right outside the bedroom doorway while you clean, so you don’t knock them over as you go about the job. Then when you need something, you can go to the doorway, grab it, and get back to work!

3. Focus Big, Then Small

When you’re trying to clean your bedroom faster, it’s often helpful to work big to small. Doing this is especially true if you are trying to clean faster because someone is coming over soon! If you focus on the big areas first, your room will look cleaner faster. More importantly, if you run out of time at any point, it will look much neater than if you had focused on straightening up the little odds and ends first. And if you still have time left, you’ll feel motivated by how clean the room is already looking and will be able to finish the job at a good rate! The main big areas to focus on are likely your bed, closet, dresser, and any piles laying where there should be open floor space! Straightening your jewelry and dusting your art can come later.

4. Don’t Over-Dust

When you’re dusting things, remember, you’re just dusting, you’re not scrubbing. There’s no reason to apply excessive force or to re-dust the same area over and over. If you’re using a decent dusting cloth, you should be gathering most of the dust on the first sweep. Over-dusting doesn’t make anything cleaner; it just wastes your time. Once your dusting cloth has touched a surface, keep moving on. You’ll save a lot of time!

5. Work Difficult to Easy

In addition to working from big to small, you should also try to work difficult to easy. These often coincide with each other, but not always. First, if you’re short on time, focus on working big to small. However, if you have got more time to spare, try to combine big to small with difficult to easy. The reason working difficult to easy will help you clean your bedroom faster is that you get the hard tasks done while you still have the energy. In turn, this will motivate you to keep up the momentum with the easier tasks, for an overall faster clean up time!

Do you dread cleaning your bedroom as much as I do?  Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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