Do you think we’ll trap a Leprechaun?!

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If you read my post here, you know that I’ve been lepre-conned.  My kids and I have been busy most of the afternoon building and setting traps so we can catch one of these devious little men dressed in green.  Even if we don’t find him, I hope he leaves candy, or I will have some pretty disappointed little ones.

In setting up these traps, I have come to realize that they require some proactive action.  Since we wouldn’t let the kids stay up all night so that they could work these traps themselves, my husband and I were next in line.  Good thing I still have those grocery store matchups to-do!

So my toddler had an ingenious idea using the Play-doh Cookie Monsters shown in the picture below.  If ole Lucky the Leprechaun goes up into Cookie’s mouth, that black part would bottom out, and he would fall into Cookie’s belly!  

This contraption is some slow-moving conveyor device to chop and shape Play-doh.  I think my son wants me to run the thing and then crush the leprechaun as he goes under the stamping unit.  Yikes.  

Okay, I admit that I created the rainbow stair trap, getting into the spirit of this new tradition.  So I bet my kids that I would be the one to catch that leprechaun with my neat trap!!  I think it is a great idea. He’ll be enticed by that rainbow staircase, climb up it and then walk across the empty wipes container only to fall inside the soft center opening!  He won’t be able to climb out, or so I thought.  My five year old tells me leprechauns carry ropes with them, and that is how he will escape. 

The next pic is a few Lego traps and a Ferris wheel that will make Lucky so dizzy he won’t know what trap to escape next.  Of course, someone needs to push that little yellow star so it will operate.

And yet some more traps.  The toilet tissue tube was rolled in orange construction paper to lure the little man inside.  My daughter insists that orange is more appealing than brown, and she even wrote a huge “in” note with an arrow.  I guess I’m supposed to honk the party horn when he goes inside that orange tube to scare him.  I wonder if it will be the middle of the night when I have to honk that loud goose-sounding horn. 

The Easter basket has a fancy trap also made out of construction paper.  Lucky is going to follow that yellow sign instructing him to go inside the orange paper.  Next, proactive me will have to slide the pink ring down the Easter basket handle so he won’t escape.  I fear that before we capture the little guy, he will be cut by all of the staples in this trap.

Will he really want to go inside that big flower pot?  Then what am I to do with the feather?  Tickle him? I am already getting tired thinking of all that has to be done to get this sneaky guy.  

The next pic is another Lego trap, again made rainbow to appeal to him.  The plan is for the leprechaun to crawl under the blue propeller wings. I then have to close off the opening in the red brick. He will then be trapped, as there is a glass encasing on the back of the rainbow wall.

Finally, my favorite trap created by my kids – it is a grocery shop that the leprechaun will go through because he is hungry.  He will find that it is empty, so he’ll come out the door and see that red M&M on the plank.  At the other end of the plank is a computer, and for some reason, he has to log in.  Then he goes across the plank, eats the M&M, jumps down into all of those wine corks, and he will go rolling across the floor!  Now, this is worth a pot of gold.

So do you think we’ll get a leprechaun?!  How about you?  Are you and your children setting up traps to nab your own green little guy?

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