Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits On Sale (including Stranger Things!)

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits On Sale (including Stranger Things!)
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Have a kiddo that is into Dungeons & Dragons or has an interest in getting started? This game has become super popular again, especially with the middle school crowd!  Check out these deals on Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits you can score over at Target.com:

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Pack Game – $12.49 (reg. $19.99)

This starter set includes all of the essentials you need to get started with your own Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Players often spend a good amount of time creating their character, from how it looks to even the most detailed personality traits. The nice thing about this set is that it comes with already created and ready-to-play characters, which really helped us! We were not quite ready to create characters from scratch! Also included in this set are six dice, one adventure book (“Lost Mine of Phandelver”), one rulebook and one blank character sheet.


Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit Game – $15.79 (reg. $24.99)

Once you have played the starter set, next take a leap into a more expansive D&D experience with this game! This D&D set is designed for 2 to 6 players and is a great secondary adventure.

Netflix Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set – $14.99 (regularly $24.99)

Whether players are new to Dungeons & Dragons or looking to start a new adventure, this Stranger Things themed set includes everything you need to start your roleplaying game! Included are 2 Demogorgon figures that can be painted and customized. You will also get an adventure book, colorful rulebook explaining how to play the game, strategic tips, plus 6 polyhedral dice.

Any of these Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits will get your child(ren) ready to start their own roleplaying fantasy adventure!

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