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Calling all Recyclebank members! You can currently snag a FREE 2 Year Parents Magazine Subscription for just 200 points through Recyclebank. It is super easy to accumulate points just by reading short articles or taking a quick quiz or survey. I quickly earned the 200 points I needed to grab this FREE magazine subscription by completing the following:

Recycling and Energy Efficiency | +25 pts
Make St. Patty’s Day More Sustainable | +25 pts
Sustainable Spring Cleaning | +150 pts
Urban Farming | +25 pts
Reusing Wine Corks | +25 pts
Reducing Take Out Food Waste | +25 pts
Back to the Basics: Recycling at Home | +25 pts
RTS Conversation with Sims | +25 pts
10 Audiobooks on Sustainability | +25 pts
Recycling E-Waste: Sustainable Solutions for Your Old Electronics – Updated | +5 pts
RIC Earn 2020 | +25 pts
How To Tell Your Metals Apart – Updated | +25 pts
Achievement – Metalhead | +5 pts
Because You Asked: Are My Favorite Sports Teams Harming the Environment? | +5 pts
The Origins of Glass – Updated | +25 pts
Because You Asked: Can I Drink Rainwater? | +5 pts
Because You Asked: Why Did I Have to Separate All My Recyclables? | +5 pts
Because You Asked: Can I Really Flush “Flushable” Wipes Down the Toilet? | +5 pts
Can I Recycle This Tiny Unmarked Vanilla Extract Bottle? | +5 pts
Daily Pledge | +5 pts

That’s a total of 465 points right there! Find these offers under the “Earn Rewards” menu category once you have logged into your Recyclebank account.

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