FREE $20 To Spend at CVS (Paypal or Venmo Users) + Possible $10 Bonus!

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There is a great offer to receive $20 in FREE stuff from CVS but it is about to expire on September 10, 2021! This will be a deal you have to do ASAP but it is super easy to do! Here’s how to get a FREE $20 to spend at CVS through your Paypal or Venmo app.

UPDATE: This is no longer available.

  • Log into your Paypal or Venmo app.
  • Tap the “Scan/Pay” menu icon at the bottom (at least in the Paypal app, I don’t have Venmo but it is probably similar).
  • Scan the QR code below using your phone. I scanned it on my phone while showing the image on the desktop computer:
  • Click the blue “Save Offer” button to save to your account. In order to receive the FREE $20 to spend, you must make a purchase of $20 or more at CVS and pay with your Venmo or Paypal account.
  • Go to CVS and make your $20 or more purchase.
  • Open your PayPal or Venmo app and tap the “Scan/Pay” menu again at the bottom. This time click the “Show to pay” option. This will generate a QR code to pay from your app.
  • Finish the transaction by scanning the QR code either at the self checkout register or have the cashier scan it.
  • That’s it!

I bought a twelve-count mega pack of Total Home toilet paper and 4 boxes of Puffs tissues (on sale buy one get one 50% off). My total came to $23.33 with tax. To cover the $3.33 I transferred my Ibotta money to my PayPal account. Otherwise, PayPal would have used my bank account to pay for the remaining balance.

Even better! This was the first time paying with PayPal and I had another offer where I receive $10 back in my PayPal account after I scan my first $20+ purchase at CVS. So this was actually a moneymaker for me! You can see if you also have this offer in your PayPal app by looking under the “More” menu in the bottom right-hand corner, then selecting “Get deals and offers”.

(Thanks so much Amanda!)

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