FREE Buffalo Bills Playoff Bingo Boards

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If you are planning to watch the Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs playoff game this coming weekend, why not play a round of bingo with your friends/family?!

I have created a set of 10 unique Buffalo Bills Playoff Bingo Boards to print and play while watching the game. There is even a master sheet to record all of the events that have happened during the game.

How to play Playoff Bingo:

First, go to the FREE Playoff Bingo boards located here.

Next, click the print image in the upper right-hand corner. The document will open up as a PDF file.

Then, click the print image again in the PDF file, also located in the upper right-hand corner.

Check your printer settings and print out your 10 bingo boards with the master list.

Finally, hand out the boards, one to each player. As the event occurs in the game, check it off on the master list. Also, all players will mark it off if it occurs on their bingo board. Note that not all events are on every single board and some events might not even occur in the football game (i.e. a 2-point conversion).

Have fun playing and GO BUFFALO!

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