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Last month I was able to get a 6-piece fragrance vial sample set completely free from Macy’s! It looks like another sampling opportunity is available but it is sort of tricky on how to get it. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to directly link to the offer as it comes up as a “sponsored post”. I will do my best to help you grab the offer. If these instructions help, please let me know with a comment!

Steps to possibly getting free perfume samples from Macy’s:

Head over to the Macy’s Facebook page
Search Macy’s on Google and Facebook
Browse your Facebook newsfeed to see it the sample post pops up!

First, head over to Macy’s Fragrance Guide here. Browse around for a few seconds.

Second, go to Google and type “Macy’s Fragrances” into the search bar.

Next, hop over to the Macy’s Facebook page here, give them a “like”, and scroll through their feed for a few seconds. Give one or two of their recent posts a “like” as well.

Finally, keep an eye on your Facebook newsfeed to see if the sample form pops up for you. All of these steps above show the social media logarithm that you are interested in perfume from Macy’s. So this makes you a “target” customer for the free sample offer.

After doing these steps I was able to almost immediately see the offer in my Facebook feed, however, it may take up to a few hours to show up for you.

You also may want to check your instagram account to see if the offer pops up there instead.

This new fragrance sample set is supposed to include 3 different samples: Pascha from Cartier, Moschino and Her Blossom by Burberry.

  1. I can’t get samples from macys sent to me Nicole

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