Halloween Candy Available at Dollar Tree

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There are a bunch of different options for Halloween candy this year at Dollar Tree and you can order right online, then pick it up free at your closest location! Here are some good choices I spotted online:

Bloody Bites Watermelon Flavored Candy, 7-ct. Bags (24 per case)
= 168 pieces

Laffy Taffy Candies, 4.54-oz. Bags (24 per case)
= approximately 288 mini bars

Columbina Bon Bon Bum Tongue Painter Bubble Gum Pops, 12-ct. Bags (24 per case)
= 288 gum pops

Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants Krabby Patty Candies, 2.54-oz. Packs (24 per case)
= approximately 180 pieces

Cow Tales Mini Caramel Apple Chews, 12-ct. Packs (24 per case)
= 288 pieces

Mini Spooky Selfie Lip Pops, 4-ct. Packs (24 per case)
= 96

Mentos Individually Wrapped Fruity Candies, 2.27 oz. Bags (12 per case)
= 276 pieces

Goetze’s Caramel Cow Tales Minis, 4-oz. Bags (24 per case)
= 252 pieces

Laffy Taffy Banana Flavored Chewy Candy, 3.5 oz. Bags (12 per case)
= 126 mini bars

Skittles Fun-Size Candies, 6-ct. Bags (24 per case)
= 144 bags

Airheads Assorted Mini Candy Bars, 3.62 oz. Packs (12 per case)
= 108 mini bars

York Bite-Size Peppermint Patties, 3.3-oz. Bags (12 per case)
= 84 pieces

Hersey’s Milk Chocolate Packages, 2.25-oz. Bags (24 per case)
= 120 mini bars

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