Happy Groundhog’s Day Pudding Cups

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As light snow is falling in Western New York, it dawns on me tomorrow is Groundhog’s day!

So what did the most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil predict? We will have to tune in to see if Spring will be early this year or if we are doomed to another 6 weeks of winter.

Which will be the case nevertheless, right? 😂

In any event, it has become a tradition for my kids to make these groundhog pudding cups each year to celebrate, regardless of his prediction! 

Of course, we are delighted when Punxsutawney Phil forecasts warm weather sooner rather than later!

Groundhog pudding cups
Make these fun treats with the kids to celebrate Groundhog’s day!

Making these treats is simple! First, you open up a chocolate pudding cup, which will serve as the “mud” for the groundhog. Then stick a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie halfway through the pudding. This will be the groundhog’s head peaking through. Next, use a small dab of peanut butter or frosting to glue on chocolate chip nose and eyes as well as peanut ears. You can also use coconut sprinkled on top of the pudding as “snow.”

The kids will really get a kick out of decorating these, no matter what goodies you use!

And since it is almost time for the Super Bowl, enjoy the football game if you watch it this weekend! Did you see these fun football games you can play that will help you enjoy the game that much more?!

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