How the Fetch Rewards App Works

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Fetch Rewards (formerly MobiSave) is an app where you earn points for uploading pictures of your paper grocery receipts.  Then, you can redeem those points for various gift cards.  In this article, I am going to explain how the Fetch Rewards App works.

The concept is straightforward – all you do is scan your grocery receipts, and receive points added to your account. These points are based on the amount you spend as well as the brands that you purchase. Finally, when you earn enough points you will be on your way to redeeming for great rewards!

Here’s how to get started:

1.  Download the Fetch app.  Enter promo code FB4KG when you download to earn a 2,000 point bonus!

2.  Next, sign up, which you can do with your email address or through Facebook.  Remember to enter the promo code FB4KG before you add your first receipt.

3.   When you’re in your account, you will see two ways you can earn points – “Brands” and “Special Offers.”  First, you will earn points when you purchase an item from one of the qualifying brands listed.  The number of points you earn will depend on how much the product costs and you will earn 1 point for every $0.10 paid. So, for example, if you purchase Suave shampoo for $2.00, you will receive 20 points. Second, you can earn points when you buy specific products, which are under the “Special Offers” section.  You might see an offer such as earn 800 points when you buy any Pepperidge Farm bread. 

4.  Once you make a purchase, scan your receipt in the Fetch app.  Their software will upload your receipt, and once complete, you’ll instantly have the points.  It’s that easy! After you have your points added, it is a good idea to verify you received credit for everything, just by double-checking your account.  You have the option to add or correct an item; however, corrections can take up to 48 hours for review.

5.  Now receive points for digital orders too!  It’s easy to add your digital receipts by connecting your Amazon account or email address.  Fetch will then add your points automatically whenever you make an online purchase. 

6.  Finally, once you have earned 3,500 points you can redeem them for gift cards.  You can also opt to continue to build up your points for higher value gift cards.  Some of my favorite options are Amazon and Target.

In conclusion, that is how the Fetch Rewards App works. Hop over to download the app and use promo code FB4KG to get started!  In addition, I will be referencing this app throughout the blog, as I think it is an easy way for us to earn rewards.

Happy Scanning!

  1. The price for $3 gift cards was increased to 3500 points.

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