How to Get Free Christmas Gifts to Give

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One of the best ways to stick to a budget this Christmas is to give free Christmas gifts. You may be wondering how you’re going to get free gifts, but it’s easier than you might think. Whether you use a cashback rewards program or re-gift your gift with purchase, you can get free Christmas gifts to give.

Use a Cash Back Rewards Program

A cashback rewards program is like getting free money. Why not use that money to buy Christmas gifts? You could use the cashback rewards program offered through your credit card company (my favorite is Chase Freedom Rewards!), or you could use a company like TopCashBack

With TopCashBack, you’re given a cashback percentage with your purchases online. You can then request actual cash through an ACH direct deposit, Paypal transfer, or select gift cards, including Amazon

Save up that cash throughout the year and put the money into a Christmas savings account. The money will add up faster than you might have guessed.

Look for Gift Card Deals

During the holiday season, so many restaurants offer a free gift card with the purchase of a gift card. These free gift cards are great gifts. Some of these have a date of when you can start using them, so they are perfect for people you see after Christmas. 

Another idea is to shop at Tops Markets. Around the holidays, Tops offers a 20% discount on select $50 gift cards when earning just one gift point. For example, you can pick up a $50 Regal Gift Card for just $40 using a gift card point at checkout! You will receive one gift card point for every $50+ grocery order made at Tops during the promotional period.

Re-gift Your Gift with Purchase

If you shop in department stores, you probably get the occasional gift with purchase. These are usually pretty nice gifts. Why not re-gift those gifts instead of stuffing them in your closet? If you’re shopping for gifts and get free gifts in the process, even better. Look for stores with the best gifts to purchase and shop early because there’s usually a limited quantity.

Cash In Your Points

Last but not least, if you use the cashback apps Rakuten, Ibotta, or Swagbucks, now’s the time to cash in. You can score some awesome gift certificates or gift cards. You can either use these as gifts or use the cards to buy gifts for someone. For example, you could cash your points in for an Amazon card and then shop for your gifts online. Save your points throughout the year so you can get the most come holiday shopping time.

There you have it. These tips will save you so much money on Christmas gifts. The ability to get even a quarter of your presents for free can make a big difference in your budget.

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