How to Get the Most From Walgreens myWalgreens Rewards Program

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If you shop at Walgreen’s, you probably have a myRewards Walgreens loyalty card (formerly Balance Rewards). But are you getting the most from it? While you can score great deals on several products, you can also earn some serious cash back. So whether you look for bonus buys or only spend points on the items you actually need, you can get the most from your Walgreen’s Balance Rewards.

Look for Bonus Cash Rewards

One of the easiest ways to earn big is to look for Bonus Cash Rewards. These are special items that will give you a lot of rewards. For example, it might be buying two bottles of body wash and getting $2 in Bonus Cash. Check the weekly ad before you visit so that you don’t miss out on these Bonus Cash offers.

Don’t forget that you will also earn 1% cashback on all of your purchases made at Walgreens. Even better, you will earn 5% back on Walgreens branded items!

Clip Special Bonus Cash Opportunities to Your Card

Sometimes you’ll see a special reward that gives you so much cashback for spending a certain amount. For example, you might see an offer to get $5 in cash rewards for spending $20. Don’t miss out on these offers. Usually, you can clip the coupon to your card on, or you can clip the coupon from the sales paper.

Track Your Health and Fitness

You can even earn Bonus Rewards for doing something you already do! For example, join a 4-week health challenge in your account, and you will earn cash rewards for every week you complete a fitness challenge. Connect your fitness tracker to track your progress and earn your bonus cash easily. You can earn up to $1 Walgreens cash per month.

Extra Incentives If You Belong To AARP

If you have an AARP membership, be sure to link it to your myWalgreens account. Once you have linked both you will be eligible for exclusive benefits such as 10% Walgreens cash rewards on Walgreens brand of health and wellness products. You will also earn 3% Walgreens cash on select beauty and personal care products and 1% back on vaccines (a benefit for all myWalgreens rewards members).

Receive Beauty Samples and In-Store Event Invites

When you make beauty purchases within select categories, including fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, oral care, and grooming products, you will receive opportunities to sample beauty products and attend in-store events. There may also be bonus cash offers available on select beauty products. Be sure to keep an eye on the weekly ad for any of these opportunities!

Spend Points on Items You Actually Need

Last but not least, when you cash in those rewards, you may be tempted to blow them on items you’d never buy – like good chocolates. If you really want to make the most of them, spend the points on items you need. Stock your cabinet with body wash, shampoo, etc. Getting these items for free makes your life so much better.

Walgreen’s myWalgreens Rewards is like getting free money. If you’re shopping at Walgreens, you need to be using this program. And, if you haven’t switched your prescriptions to Walgreen’s, you should look into that too because you’ll earn 1% Walgreens cah on qualifying out-of-pocket payments toward vaccines, medications, and more*.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping Walgreens so you can get that cash back!

*Rewards on prescriptions and other pharmacy items and services cannot be earned in AR, NJ, or NY.

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