How To Sign Up And Use Savingstar

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If you haven’t used SavingStar yet, here is a brief explanation of how to sign up. It is a free program that can get you started couponing without having to ever clip or print anything.

This step-by-step guide will set you up with one of my favorite and easy ways to save money!

And as good offers pop up, I will post reminders for SavingStar users to activate those savings that interest them.

What is SavingStar?

SavingStar is a hassle-free grocery rebate platform, that allows you to save money without clipping, printing, or mailing. Everything is submitted electronically either online (no smartphone required!) or through their app.

You will automatically receive cashback when you add your store loyalty cards to your profile. Some participating stores in our area include Tops Markets, Wegmans, Rite-Aid, and CVS.

After your cards are linked to your account, you will then activate the rebates that interest you. When you purchase the item(s), you’ll receive the savings deposited directly into your SavingStar account within 2-10 days.

Finally, once you have a minimum of $20 in your account, you can cash out via direct deposit, PayPal or gift card.

Steps to Sign-Up for SavingStar:

  1. Head over here to sign-up for your FREE SavingStar account using the “Join Now” button.
  2. Once you have filled out the form and log in, click “Stores” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear where you will next click “Add Stores”.
  4. Get your savings/bonus cards for CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Tops Markets, Wegmans, and any other retailers that participate in your area. Link each of them to your account one at a time. Some stores like Target and Walmart do not use a loyalty card. For those purchases, you will have to upload and submit pictures of your receipts.
  5. Once you are done adding all the retailers you shop at in your area click “Done” in the bottom right.
  6. Lastly, browse through all of the e-coupons available and click the “+” button for each one you are interested in activating. The next time you use your loyalty card or upload a receipt from one of the participating stores, you’ll receive the activated savings in your SavingStar Account.  No clipping, sorting or carrying of any coupons!

If you have any questions about this awesome program, let me know. I reference it frequently on the blog as it is such an easy and effortless way to save on your groceries!

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How To Sign Up And Use Savingstar
How To Sign Up And Use Savingstar


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