How To Sign Up For Tim Hortons Rewards program

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There is a new rewards program at Tim Hortons!

I am so excited to see Tim Hortons introducing a new rewards program! So how does it work and how to sign up?! Keep reading!

As of February 26, 2020, the Tims® Rewards program has changed. This post, originally written in April 2019, has been updated to reflect the new changes.

I was able to earn quite a bit of free stuff with the old Tim Hortons reward program.  Overall I was happy with how it worked, despite having an issue at the beginning. 

Fast forward to March 2020, and the Tims® Rewards program has been revamped to a new points-based system.  

At first, when I updated my app, I was having a lot of issues, including my balance disappearing, not being able to earn or redeem points, and having my home location not match my app location.  

I ended up completely deleting the app from my Smartphone, then reinstalling it.  Once I signed in using the same email I had under the old program, everything seemed to be in working order, for now.

Details about the new (revamped) Tims® Rewards program:

Under the old reward system, you were able to score FREE items every 7th visit. Purchases tracked through your Tims® Rewards Card, and after seven (7) eligible purchases of $0.50 or more, you would receive a reward loaded to your account. Then redeem your reward for any size coffee, tea, or baked good (excluding bagels and Timbits) completely FREE.

Now with the revamped Tims® Rewards program, it is a points-based system where you will earn 10 points each visit with an eligible purchase of $0.50 or more. Regardless of how much you spend or the number of items you buy, you receive 10 points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem for a free reward as follows (note that this is from a US-based account, Canadian accounts may differ):

60 points – Classic Cookie, Classic Donut, Specialty Donut
80 points – Brewed Coffee & Tea (Specialty or Steeped)
120 points – Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla, Regular Iced Coffee
160 points – 10 Pack Timbits, Original Iced Capp, Regular Hot or Cold Lattes
200 points – Biscuit or English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich or Breakfast Wraps
240 points – Turkey Bacon Club, Ham, and Swiss, Chicken Wraps 

How to register for Tims® Rewards:

  1. First, download the Tim Hortons app.  Then create or sign in to your account using your email address. You will be issued a digital reward number right in your new account, which you will scan with each purchase to earn your 10 points.
  2. If you do not have a Smartphone but do have a plastic reward card, you can register online with your email at  Once your card has been registered online for the Tims® Rewards program, that card will earn you points.  Note that Tim Hortons does want to go completely digital with this program, so they have stopped issuing plastic reward cards as of January 1, 2020. 

How to earn Tims® Rewards:

  1. Head to your favorite Tims and place your order.
  2. After you place your order, scan your digital card from your Smartphone or a physical card to earn ten (10) Tims® Rewards points.  Your points will be based on the number of visits, not by dollars spent.  Each visit must be at least 30 minutes apart to qualify for the 10 points and contain a purchase of at least $0.50 after any other discounts are applied.
  3. Even better – you can save time and order right from the Tim Hortons app! It’s super easy, and you can choose to dine-in, pick-up, or drive-thru. You will make the payment directly through the app, plus your ten reward points will be issued right away, no need to scan your reward card!

Some things to keep in mind about Tims® Rewards:

  • Use your Tims™️ Rewards card at any participating Tim Hortons Restaurants. Unfortunately, a few Tim Hortons locations (like those at hospitals and airports) have different sale systems, which means they are unable to accept the Tim Hortons Reward Card.  
  • If you make a purchase of less than $0.50 after discounts, that will not earn you any points.
  • There is a time limit of 30 minutes between transactions to earn another set of points. So if you purchase another order in less than 30 minutes from the first one, you will not receive ten (10) reward points for that second order.
  • You can save up to 20,000 points in your account (doing quick math that means 2,000 purchases!).
  • Reward points will expire ONE YEAR from the date they were earned.

While customers are not required to use the digital version of the rewards program, there are definitely benefits to registering.

As a registered Tim Rewards customer, you will not only have a wider variety of rewards to redeem from.  You will also receive exclusive offers, be able to enter sweepstakes and be treated to a birthday reward.  

Most importantly, when you register your card, you can protect your earned rewards.  If you lose an unregistered card, your points and rewards are lost as well.  Therefore, even if you don’t plan to use the app, it is a good idea to register and link your physical Tim Card to an online account to protect what you earn.

  1. I have tried and tried to use this stupid card .I have 2000 points on it and no one knows how to redeem any thing .I have gone into the restaurant and they dont know how
    fed up with this ridiculous system

  2. whats the problem with you people iam 77 years old i used to enjoy rolling up the rim dont have a cell phone no way to check my roll up the rim i will be getting my coffee somewhere else along with alot of other seniors

  3. I am having a hard time registering for Tim’s Rewards online.

  4. Your way of explaining everything in this post is really good, all can effortlessly understand it, Thanks a lot.

  5. When I try to sign in it says user does not exist when I try to sign up it says user already exists????

  6. Hi I had a Tim’s card but lost it and am trying to activate a replacement card but get a message saying the email user already has an account? Please advise thank you

  7. I cannot register my Rewards Card on – line. The Web – site keeps indicating a card number that is not the one I currently have and it does not provide me with a promo code. What can I do to register my Card?

  8. Hi Christina, I have a physical rewards is linked already. I have over 5,000 points. I used it once in March to get a chicken wrap with my points and it worked fine….but now I cant get anything..all it does is give me points. Can u please help me? I am getting so frustrated…they expire in Sept and I cant use them. I also have it marked for breakfast or lunch too. Thank u.

    • Hi Sharon! I believe they are no longer accepting the physical rewards cards but I don’t know for sure. You will have to ask someone at the restaurant or call the Tim Hortons customer service number at 1 (888) 601-1616 to ask them about it. I’m sorry I can’t help more! This is a personal blog and is no way affiliated with Tim Hortons. I hope they can help you figure it out. Good luck!

  9. May I just say what a relief to uncover somebody who genuinely knows what they’re talking about on the net. You definitely know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people must read this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you are not more popular since you definitely have the gift.

  10. Keep on working, great job!

  11. Thanks very interesting blog!

  12. Your points card sucks we don’t have a smart phone or computer have to go somewhere to get my tablet to work can’t get registered you should have someone at location to help oh I forgot your to big of company to worry about a few of us I’ll go to movies they have a better plan and more honest

  13. I’ve lost my tims card, and can not reload the new card. Can you help me out?

    • Hi John! I am sorry you are having trouble reloading your new card. This site is not affiliated with Tim Hortons, however, so please contact their customer service line. You can reach them at 1 (888) 601-1616. Good luck – I hope they can help you out!


  14. Today Jan. 13th/22 I have been trying to get signed up for Tim’s Rewards. You have given me a number different than the physical card that I am inputting and I cannot go further. Not sure if the card no. that you are listing is a new digital no. and I have a physical card no. or what the heck is going on. I hate this computer technology stuff that creates more problems than it is worth. Businesses today forget that “not all people” are tech savvy and just move forward with no consideration to those not knowing this language. So sad!

  15. Have attempted to sign my card in, without success

  16. Hi: Tried to create a rewards card and when I accidentally put canada as the country it did not let me change. Can you please delete my account so I can try again or change it for me.

    • Hi Susan! You have to sign in under the registered email address you used when enrolling in the program. Next, select the “Account” tab in the bottom right-hand corner. Toward the bottom, select the option, “Language and Region.” There you should be able to change your country. I hope this helps!


  18. Tim Horton sucks. No respect for seniors.

  19. I like using the rewards program. I have received many cups of coffee free by using my rewards.

  20. The rewards program has been great for me!

  21. I followed all the instructions to register card keeps telling me wrong access code want to use my points 1040 do not want to lose I am a senior blind in left eye please help

  22. Have tried to register card upteen times still won’t register I have 800 points I can’t use I do not have app I am a senior and want to use points maybe should go to McDonald’s at least I can use my points

  23. Reply
    Lloyd Ross Williams May 23, 2021 at 5:26 PM

    I have tried over thirty times to register my new card. Can’t do as I lost my old card and it says that I am already registered. Tim’s You shame the great hockey player with the disregard for his fans. I am 85. Either smarten up, or off to McDonalds I will go.

    • Reply
      pierre joseph desrosiers June 12, 2021 at 10:12 AM

      this is hog wash this regestering thing this is my second time trying what s with all that security crist it s just a point card

  24. Agreed. This card & website sucks. My card is in the garbage. See u at McDonald’s!

  25. Reply
    not so happy tims customer April 28, 2021 at 9:19 AM

    I think I will just go back McDonalds THERE SYSTEM IS MUCH BETTER THAN timmys

  26. Not everyone has a computer to activate card. I like the old way, registering cards to get rewards is for the birds.. Mcdonalds only 7 visits get you a free coffee, Tims 12 visits before you get free coffee. Think I will stick with Mcdonalds.

  27. I cant regester my card I have over 900 points and I cant use them this is crazy when they promise just do this and nothing works, from now on we are going to Mc Donalds at least they keep their word, so sick of being lied to

  28. I am in the same boat as many of your readers in that I cannot even register my rewards card. I do not have one of these fancy phones nor will I purchase one just for this system. Your system is much too complicated and you should have left well enough alone – allowing us to roll up the rim on the cup purchased. I can’t believe you have screwed up so badly. Using a computer is useless as all of my queries have been for naught.

  29. Like all of the above I cannot register my card. When I try all that happens is 3 dots are active. No where to sign into and leave my card # etc.

    What a useless website. Surprising for a large cooperation.

    Frank a frustrated customer

  30. I keep trying to down load the app but it will not let me !?! so stupid sitting at tims still cant get the stupid thing to download ????

    • Do you have enough space on your phone? I know you can only have a limited amount of apps on your phone before you no longer have the space to download more. Maybe try deleting some that you no longer use and see if that helps.

  31. This is crap try to register impossible by the time I get registered Roll Up To Win will be over and I cant even do the cups I have bought this sure is not a fair thing for everybody seems like if you dont have a smartphone you dont matter

  32. impossible to register card and was only told at the store now that it needed to be registered. nice to collect points and run a contest that most people can’t use. what a joke.

  33. I find this sign up very frustrating.
    It told me to find my card number in an email, so I checked my email and wrote down the number but then could not get back to your original sign in page.
    I give up! I’ve tried may times to register, what a pain, still not registered.

  34. how can i benefit the rewards program when i can’t link my card. i agree with other people its time to switch to mcdonalds. their coffee is only $1.00. your old system was much better at the window

  35. rrroll up to win,,, the hole thing is a scam, all they want is your money

  36. unable to register ?????help is there a number I can call

  37. This rewards program sucks big time.Now I go to mcdonalds buy a coffee which is better than timmys.After 7 coffees I can get a free coffee without the bullshit I go through timmys.



  40. Reply
    Lila Marie Robbins March 6, 2021 at 8:25 PM

    Nothing but frustration when trying to link card. Page after page of useless information. Tim Hortons rewards is a joke.

  41. How do I add my old Tim;s card which I am still using, to the new Rewards System? I want to use this card and not use an App on my phone….thank you.

  42. I have an old Tim;s coffee card that I am still using and would like to add this card on to the new Rewards System….How do I do this? I just want to use the card physically and not on an App on my phone….How do I load this card number to the new Rewards System so I can get free coffee?

  43. Cliff Bosco
    You are making it easy to change store.You might think of changing the name Tims REWARDS to frustration card. 3 hours trying to register card sucks. McDonalds is next lot over. Cliff

  44. Reply
    James Roderick McGillawee February 24, 2021 at 7:10 PM

    Why does Timmy Hortons keep changing the rewards system and not telling us about it?
    I have scanned my card many times and still do not get any rewards anymore!
    Furthermore, when I go on line on my laptop, your website refuses to accept and log me as certified!
    Many of us Seniors don’t have smart phones, or don’t know how to use them like me!
    Stop peeving off the peasants!!!

  45. Same problem as others. put in my email address and made password. Next wanted all information for my credit card. By entering this information anyone could use my card. They would have card number, my name, expiry date and the CRV number on back of card which allows anyone to use. Husband and I do a early morning job 5 days a week and then go for our coffee. It was nice getting a free tea every so often. ps we are seniors who visit Tim Horton alot with grandkids etc. Thanks alot for taking away the free items…

  46. I was going for coffee, every morning, they were scanning my card, after about 3 weeks I asked about the free one and was told you have to register the card. Would have been nice to tell people! Lucky for me I switched to Robin’s which is right next to Horton’s and found the donuts are better, the coffee is better, and the service is better and much friendlier, as the first thing I see at Robin’s is not a hand looking for money before they even talk to you. Thank you for directing me to Robin’s!

  47. cannot register, my wife registered this afternoon on this compt. but it will not let me register now, it just keeps going to her acct.

  48. been using my reward card since it came out and getting a free coffee til 3 weeks ago now they say its noy regestered just lost 30 points nobody sais anything thanks for nothing trying to register on laptop not being acepted sorry i’m not bill gates now that imnot wanted as a costemer see you @mcdonalds they have a simpler reward system

  49. I can not register my Tim Hortons card. I have tried on two different occasions. I get a coffee every time I go to work. Even sometimes after I’m done work. You can do it both ways. Leave it the way it was before for the ones that what it. The new way for the other ones that prefer it.

  50. cant register my reward card

  51. Tim Hortons is a perfect example of Corporate Greed.

  52. I find this sign up very frustrating.
    It told me to find my card number in an email, so I checked my email and wrote down the number but then could not get back to your original sign in page.
    I give up!
    Today at my favourite Tim’s the cashier told me I’m missing points rewards on the rewards card I’ve had for ages, so I thought I’d sign up. I always use my Tim’s card to pay for my coffee.

  53. l can see many people don’t like the new program.To bad Tim Horton’s main office can’t read or see these reports that so many people have sent in.The free coffee after seven visits is a great program.May be if they had buy many of us a new phones they would change the program back.l think they should have a seniors program and go back to the free coffee after seven visits.l buy two or more cups of coffee per-day six days a week.l will still buy my coffee from Tims.

  54. home come when i reg i lost all my points this sucks at least macdonalds gives you a card and you take the sticker off the cup to get free coffee

  55. I have been trying for a month to register my rewards card. It will not let me enter my reward card number. Can you help me please.

    • Hi Mary! I am not affiliated with Tim Hortons in any way but I would love to try to help! What is it that you are having trouble with specifically? Where you able to download the app? Can you sign in to your account?

  56. don’t have a way to connect card to app!stopped getting a free coffee every once awhile.good thing a new Mcdonalds is came to our small town.time to switch!

  57. I do not have an app on my phone and I do not have internet. What do I do to register my reward card so that I can receive the same benefits as my fellow customers toward a free coffee now and then? Go back to the old system, at least it worked for me.

  58. I think this the most frustrating registration. Who ever came up with is an idiot or you just don’t want us collect any free stuff even though it was legally earned…shame

  59. This new rewards programs sucks!!Can’t register sick of it was a Tim Hortons coffee hound but might switch over frustrations can never stay with old systems that always works If its not broke don’t fix it Have separate for food leave us old coffee hounds alone Go back to old system

  60. I have a Tims Reward Card.
    Up until a couple months ago I was getting a FREE coffee every 6-7 times.
    Why did they discontinue that program.
    At McDonalds they still have the cards where you buy 7, get 1 free.

    • I know, I liked the old program too. It was simpler! I’m not sure why they changed it to the tiered program. Probably to give more options, for those that don’t drink the coffee or get donuts??

  61. This new rewards site is terrible the site just spins and spins. Well done!! There is enough frustration in these times and now you give us this !! Thx

  62. This is not a user friendly site. Still have not been able to register for my points using a laptop. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP

  63. What a terrible web site Tried too many times to register
    If you can’t have a site simple to access then give a Ph#
    Maybe I will just switch to MCDONALD’s for my coffee/ donuts
    They have Good customer service

  64. Why is it that I’ve been getting my tim points card scanned everytime I place an order but it’s saying I have zero points. I should have a ton by now.


  65. Reply
    Patricia Broome-St.Amand October 15, 2020 at 8:23 AM

    Same here, can’t download and it always shows error and the other one i go too wants my credit card number. why is that.

  66. Like all of the above I cannot register my card. When I try all that happens is 3 black dots are active. No where to sign into and leave my card # etc. Carl Myatt.

  67. Frustrating is the word. Just trying anywhere to register my card, but just get the runaround
    Pretty stupid if you ask me. Do you have a phone number to call, that a person will answer and activate?

  68. Reply
    AMANDA Lynne THIESSEN June 17, 2020 at 7:06 PM

    i am having problems registering my tim’s reward card can you help me out
    amanda thiessen

  69. I have tried to no avail to register, all I seem to get is a screen displaying login and 3 dots flashing in sequence! Poor design!! After several attempts I am throwing the card away! FYI this site should have been iron clad before stopping the use of the system that was in place. Thank You for your time.

  70. I wanted to register my rewards card and was directed to but no where to access the site to register my card. There are no active buttons

  71. Hi its hank again I still cannot register my card for the new system. there is no place for me to register I am on desktop. thankyou

    • I am also on a desktop and have tried registering and a message saying that email already exists however I haven’t linked my card and every time I try to sign in I get an “error occurred”….not sure why the system was changed I’ve been using my card since they first came out with no problems.

  72. How do I get on a site when I get a coffee roll up the rim. I only have a flip phone. I am in my seventies and never got into texting or anything else. So I guess I am out of luck. I buy a lot of your coffee from your place. This really isn’t fair to people like me and others who do not even have a computer. I would appreciate a reply. thank you

    • Hi Carol! You will have to contact Tim Hortons directly as I am not affiliated with them. I am a local business in WNY that just wrote up an article about the Tim Hortons rewards program. Please go to their website for any questions you have. Thanks for reading!

  73. The Tim Hortons Web Site is poorly designed/not user friendly/quite surprising how a business of this magnitude could perform so poorly ; very difficult to maneuver around this website to find what you need as a customer.

  74. I have the same problem , when I click on the link to register my reward card it keeps sending to a useless page.

  75. this is the most FRUSTRATING PROCESS, when I click on the link above to register my rewards card it keeps sending me to a useless page

    • Hi Ray! I am sorry about your frustration. The program recently changed and I am rewriting this post to reflect the changes. The links and information will be updated in the next day or so.

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