How You May Be Overspending at Sam’s Club

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Sam’s is a wonderful store to shop at, especially if you like to stockpile or have a large family. Unfortunately, there are ways you could be overspending. Whether you’re not comparing prices or don’t have a membership, you could be wasting money. Let’s take a closer look at how you’re overspending at Sam’s and how you can stop.

1. Not Comparing Prices Per Unit

Just because an item is being sold in bulk doesn’t mean you’re saving money. The best thing you can do is have a price book. You also want to use a calculator when you’re in the store. Sam’s usually does a great job at listing the price per unit. However, the price book will let you see how that price compares to other stores. Make a price book and list the items your family uses most often. Another great tip is to check prices on to see how they compare to your local grocery stores.

2. Buying More Than You Need

Another way you may be overspending is simply buying too much. While you may find an awesome deal on cheese doesn’t mean your family will eat all that cheese. You need to carefully consider whether your family will eat it all or if there are ways to preserve it for later use, such as freezing.

3. Shopping When You’re Hungry

Sam’s is much more than canned food and dry goods. The bakery and snack sections are pure heaven and can be very tempting if you’re hungry. Before you go shopping, make sure to have a good meal so that you don’t come home with a case of candy bars and a large cake.

4. Not Being a Member

You can shop at Sam’s without being a member. However, you will pay a percentage over the price listed on the shelves. If you’re shopping at Sam’s regularly, it pays to have a membership. In some cases, you’ll make your money back on the membership during one trip. Best of all, you’ll get a sign-up pack that is loaded with freebies.

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5. Not Looking at the Sale

Finally, if you are a member, you want to make sure you’re looking at the sales. This will allow you to choose the best brands that month. For example, if your family eats candy, one brand may be on sale. If you check the sales, you’ll be able to get the best prices possible.

Sam’s is a great place to score good deals. However, you can end up overspending. The good news is that if you follow the tips in this article, you’ll save money. All it takes is being careful and smart about how you shop.

  1. It is fun to explore the aisles for sure, but as you said, you will want more too! That’s my biggest downfall shopping in club stores. I go in thinking I’ll spend just $50 but come out spending $200, and it kills me!

    I love your last comment about the granola – too funny! And now I want to get some to try! 😮

  2. We have held a Sam’s Club membership for quite a while now, ever since one came to town when our now grown children were just tots. Recently on a trip at our local Sam’s club we thought about whether or not this store is still a great deal for us as there are only two of us. Some ideas came to mind during our last trip in store trip, to downsize to basic membership, to not buy bulk fruit or produce except that for salads and of course my favorite smaller avocados. You’re right, if you can’t freeze or store it, food will go to waste if you are only shopping for two as we are. We truly enjoy exploring the store and have found the longer we stay in the store aisles, the more we want. Caution: That fresh GRANOLA in the bakery section is DANGEROULSLY ADDICTING. it went to WAIST not WASTE! LOL

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