I Love You To The Moon…Wall Decal only $4.50 shipped!!

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So I really love wall decals.  My sister-in-law got me into them.  My husband is not a fan, but he doesn’t seem to care that I keep adding more throughout our home.  😊  

When my children were younger, I added inspirational quotes all along the wall leading upstairs. Each night when they would go up to their bedrooms, they had reminders of our love and family values.

My first wall decal was the I Love You To The Moon And Back Again. At the time, it cost me only $2.68 shipped, and years later, it is still a great price of $4.50 shipped, with no spending limit.

In this decal, the letters are all separate except for the “o” and the “v” in love. It took a few times to remove and reapply, and some of the letters I had to remove 4 or 5 times before I got it right. Once I was happy with how the whole thing looked, I went around the letters again, pressing hard with my thumb to ensure a stronghold and pushed out any air bubbles.  

In one of the reviews on Amazon, a person criticized that the letters were all separate, making them harder to apply. Quite honestly, it would have been easier to slap a whole sticker with the entire word or phrase on it.  I’m not too fond of the sticker in the background, though, so I am much happier taking the extra time to apply each decal.  It’s a much cleaner look, and besides, you can set up the letters and pics however you want then!  Here is the one I found on Amazon:

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So how about you?  Do you like wall decals or not so much??

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