It’s BAAAAAACK! Rrroll Up The Rim To Win @ Tim Hortons!

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Guess what’s back?!  Rrroll up the Rim is now going on at Tim Hortons!!  I got my first cup this morning and it was a winner (free cold drink!).

Personally, I’m disappointed that you don’t have to really roll up the rim again this year. I get the reasons why it is better to go all-digital with the pandemic and such, but it is still disappointing to have to use the app to get a digital roll. The other day my husband, who doesn’t use the app, bought two coffees and it was a waste as you no longer can roll the actual cup. What do you all think of this change?

Did you know?!

The first year the Roll Up the Rim to Win contest was introduced was in 1986 and the biggest prize you could win was a pack of Timbits*!  So the quality of prizes has definitely gotten better! Interested in finding out more about Roll Up the Rim tidbits?!  Click here to read the Buffalo News article.


  1. I don’t know how to do this. I am almost 82 years and I am not computer savvy.

  2. personally – i think this promo sucks – if you dont use the app your screwed – no “rollup the rim” – it was once fun – but just gives me more reason to go to dunkin

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