I’ve been lepre-conned once again this year…

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My kids are SO excited that today is the day we set up traps for leprechauns!! Anyone else out there do this? The kids’ pre-school teachers started it in class and so now we have made it an annual tradition in our home.  Some people have mentioned they don’t get the point of doing this or that it is just another “Hallmark holiday” to sell something to consumers.

And just maybe it is.

I like to think of the point as being a creative challenge, in which you work together with your kids to come up with ideas in order to trap leprechauns who will come to your home to cause some sort of mischief!  Last year those buggers turned our milk green!  Of course they escaped but left behind gold coins as a treat for the kids. 

I admit that I never heard of such a thing until my kids’ teachers were doing it in school, and last year the kids wanted to do it at home as well. So I was lepre-conned buying into the whole idea and it sure was fun. I love seeing and hearing the innocence in their little souls and I’ll do anything to enjoy that as much as I can.  So that’s my point in doing this crazy tradition.

If interested in checking out the traps we set up last year, click here. Cracked me up re-reading this post.

Any other traditions your family has for St. Paddy’s day? I’m looking forward to corned beef & cabbage.  Yum!

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