I’ve been Lepre-Conned

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So when did leprechauns start visiting homes and leaving a sweet treat? Not to mention they do this after they have escaped any traps you set for them!

My kids are so excited about leprechauns coming to our house on “Leprechaun Day” as they call it, and I don’t even know what I am supposed to do to make this happen!

Their pre-school and kindergarten teachers set up traps in class with all of the kids, promising yummy treats from these mysterious men in green. This morning at breakfast, my kids were going on about the elaborate traps they were going to set up in our house so that we could catch a leprechaun too. My daughter was showing me how little a leprechaun is (about the size of a squinkie, according to her).

Then she asks me how such a small person could ever carry a big pot of gold? So now I’m supposed to explain this crazy phenomenon, that I never in my life celebrated such as this, and then go shopping for some pots and chocolate gold coins to fill them…okay, I think I’ve got it.

I do enjoy seeing the kids so excited for all of the holidays throughout the year. Their smiles and innocence at all the possibilities of the world are just refreshing, and each holiday brings something different, some tradition we enjoy doing as a family. 

Therefore, I will admit I am buying into this whole idea of squinkie-sized men in green suits coming by on Sunday. I’m not so sure about destroying anything in my home on behalf of keeping up with the image of these destructive little men, but overall I’ve been lepre-conned.

How about you? Will leprechauns be visiting your home, doing something devious (or not), then leaving some treats after they escape from your traps??

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