Let’s Take A Drive Buffalo Printable Scavenger Hunt Bingo

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If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids, scavenger hunts are always a hit! I decided to come up with a local Buffalo printable scavenger hunt, that children can easily mark off on a short car trip around town. This printable scavenger hunt is just like a bingo card. Whenever your child(ren) marks off five spaces in a row, they can say “bingo”!

This Buffalo Printable Scavenger Hunt Bingo game is made up of seven (7) different cards to play! Have your kiddos grab a crayon or marker, print out your scavenger sheets here, and head out for a drive! As always, be safe and remember that this game is for passengers only. Never play while being the driver!

Have fun on your Buffalo area scavenger adventure!

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