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List of Whole Unexpired Inserts

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Instead of clipping any coupons, some people decide to keep their Sunday coupon inserts intact each week.  They will write the date on the front cover, leaving the coupon packet whole.

For those that do this (like me!), it is helpful to know which inserts have expired.  And so I put together this list of whole unexpired inserts.  This list will help us know which inserts we can discard from our stash and keep on hand.

List of Unexpired Whole Inserts updated through February 1, 2021

As a reminder, this is a list of inserts that are NOT expired. Continue to keep these on hand until the expiration date listed.

09-13 PARADE Expires on Jun 30
09-20 RMN Expires on Feb 20
10-11 PARADE Expires on Jun 30
10-25 SS Expires on Feb 28
11-01 SS Expires on Feb 28
11-08 SS Expires on Feb 06
11-15 PARADE Expires on Jun 30
11-15 RMN Expires on Feb 15
11-15 SS Expires on Feb 15
12-06 PARADE Expires on Jun 30
12-06 RMN Expires on Feb 28
12-06 SS Expires on Mar 31
12-13 PARADE Expires on Mar 31
12-13 SS Expires on Mar 31
01-03 RMN1 Expires on Feb 28
01-03 RMN2 Expires on Apr 30
01-03 SS1 Expires on Apr 03
01-03 SS2 Expires on Apr 30
01-10 PARADE Expires on Feb 28
01-10 SS Expires on May 01
01-17 RMN Expires on Feb 28
01-17 SS Expires on Apr 18
01-24 RMN1 Expires on May 24
01-24 RMN2 Expires on Feb 13
01-24 SS Expires on Apr 25
01-31 PG Expires on Feb 27
01-31 RMN Expires on Mar 31
01-31 SS Expires on Sep 30

Be sure to also check out the printable coupons here!  We often see new coupons pop up every day or two and some don’t last long!

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