Nintendo Switch Lite and Animal Crossing Game In-Stock on Best Buy

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Best Buy has the Nintendo Switch Lite back in stock!

If you are looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite, it is now back in stock at Best Buy! There are currently a few different colors available, including a beautiful turquoise shade!

The price is $199.99 shipped, and while that is the retail price of these handheld consoles, they are sold out at most stores.

Some units are priced as a package set with the super-duper popular Animal Crossing game. This is also very hard to get your hands on right now, so if interested head over to Best Buy and order from the comfort of your own home!

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller version of the classic Nintendo Switch. On this unit, you can play both digital and physical games.

It also is perfect for multiplayer gaming, as it can be linked with up to eight different systems! No wonder it is hard to find – all the kids are gaming with their friends on these devices.

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