Pictures of My Stockpile

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Lately, I have been working hard to get my stockpile organized. I have stuff all throughout my house and it really needed some attention. I was getting to a point where I would just bring home my items, leave them in the grocery bag and just pile the bags in the basement. I wasn’t even sure what I had anymore!

So here are pictures of my current stockpile. I really don’t feel “extreme” at all but I know some items in my pictures may make it seem that way.  I promise I will be using, donating, or giving away most everything shown! 😊

Hefty Bags (I freeze lots of things!), Kleenex, Bath Tissue (haven’t purchased any all year long!), box packed with razors, and on bottom shelf tons of shave gel.

The white box is filled with hair care items, popcorn tin is holding my Soft Lips Cubes, the blue basket is holding face make-up and brushes, black rectangular bag (zippered shut) is filled with nail polish, the pink tote is filled with samples and small makeup items, clear tote with blue lid is filled with eye makeup, red heart-shaped box on the top is filled with lip products.

Lots of school & office supplies!

…and hair dye, deodorant, and bandages.

Laundry stockpile.

Personal Care, health & wellness stockpile.

Household stock.

Bathroom stock up.  It’s pretty obvious I loved getting FREE toothbrushes, floss, Clorox wipes, Jergens lotion, and Zest Body Wash at some point in my life.  😊

More personal care stockpile of soap, lotions, liners, etc.

Some pictures of food stockpiles and cupboard organization.

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