Primary Composition Notebooks?! Where to find this school supply item…

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If you have “Primary Composition Notebook” on your School Supply Shopping List this year, you may be wondering where you get one of those things.  Maybe you’ve already been frustrated trying to find one.  You could even be wondering what’s the difference and can’t you just buy a “regular” Composition Notebook instead.

Here is what the inside of the Primary Composition Notebook looks like:

It does make a difference because these Primary Composition Notebooks are perfect for younger children to continue to improve their writing skills.  As you can see the ruling is wider and includes that dashed center line young children are used to writing on.  Plus in class, they will be encouraged to write a few sentences and then draw at the top half of the journal.

I have only found these available at a few locations in our area:

These can be hard to find because many elementary grade school teachers now put them on their supply lists and they are quick to fly off the shelves.  I recently found 3 left at my local Office Max, and they were hard to spot.  I had to ask an associate for help finding them!  By the way, it appears the Primary Composition Notebooks are cheapest at Office Max ($2.00 compared to $2.99 or more elsewhere).

I hope this information helps some of you on the hunt for these!

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