Printable Bills Playoff Bingo Cards

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Looking for an even more exciting way to enjoy the Bills vs. Chiefs Playoff game this weekend? Why not play a game with your family using my Printable Bills Playoff Bingo Cards! These are easy enough for the kids to play, yet interesting enough to keep the adults engaged.

Head over to my Time For A Game Etsy shop to purchase your set of 10 different bingo cards and a master sheet to keep track of all the events you have seen happen. Yes, I am charging a small fee (just $1.50 for the set!) as a way to make some extra income. This helps support all 3 of my websites, especially since coupon prints no longer bring income for me.

If you decide to purchase, thank you so much for supporting my small business! I hope you have a blast playing bingo with your loved ones this weekend. I know I will!!

To Play Bingo:

Print out the Playoff Bingo cards here and grab a dauber, marker, pen or crayon. Then while watching the football game, mark off any event that you see during the game. Once you get a line of 5 items marked off in a row, either across, down or diagonal, you win!

It’s up to you if you want to play for four corners and if you decide to continue to play if someone calls bingo. My family and I played a similar version during the Colts game, and after the first bingo was called we played again until someone had the inner, outer, or a second bingo.

Use the included master event sheet to keep track of all the items you see during the game.

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