Rainbow Pasta Kid-Friendly Recipe Idea

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Here is a fun, kid-friendly recipe to make rainbow pasta!  I have made it previously with long spaghetti, but this time I decided to use elbows because they are well, shaped like a rainbow!  My kids and I had a blast making this twice so far this month.

How To Make Rainbow Pasta with Kids

How to make kid-friendly rainbow pasta


Pasta cooked al dente according to package
Food coloring
Bowls to mix Pasta

First, add two teaspoons of water to a small mixing bowl.  I used a clean medicine cup to measure because I was too lazy to find my measuring spoons.  😁 

Second, have the child(ren) add the food coloring of their choice.  Next, add a portion of your cooked pasta to the liquid and mix it with a large slotted spoon.  Put the colored pasta in a small colander to allow the dye to set a few minutes.

Meanwhile, rinse your mixing bowl, add another two teaspoons of water, and your next color(s).  Have the kids mix in another portion of pasta while you rinse the pasta in the colander under cold water.  Add the rinsed, dyed pasta to your serving bowl. 

Now you can put the second batch in the colander so that the color sets while you mix the third color.  Continue until you dye all of your pasta. 

Finally, mix all of your rainbow pasta in the bowl. Serve with your favorite sauce or butter if your kids are anything like mine!  😂 

If the pasta is too cold, feel free to heat it again on the stove for a few minutes, mixing continuously.  

As another idea, you could make a colorful Greek or Italian pasta salad with this recipe!

orange food coloring for pasta
orange pasta

Finished photos of our rainbow pasta

Alternatively, we have used long spaghetti in this recipe.  Personally, I think it looks cool!

Here is a photo of the final product plated with some added flair. I shaped the pasta into a rainbow, then added hard-boiled egg halves for “clouds” and chicken gold nuggets. 🤣

Unfortunately, my kids much more preferred that time we made marshmallow clouds. 😁

In conclusion, this kid-friendly recipe is super easy and great for making rainbow pasta with your children. They will love making it with you, maybe even more than eating it!

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