Saving Money Without Going to the Extreme

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You don’t have to clear a shelf or buy coupons to save money. While you may have seen shows that encourage these bad habits, the truth is you don’t have to do these things. Whether you learn sale cycles and shop accordingly or only buy items you actually need, you can save money without going to the extreme.

1. Use Coupons Responsibly

There are several things you want to avoid when using coupons. First of all, don’t buy or photocopy coupons. Second, don’t print hundreds of the same coupon – stick to the limit. Lastly, don’t go through the store taking all the coupons on the shelves. Shop with coupons is smart, but do it responsibly.

2. Learn Sale Cycles and Shop Accordingly

You don’t have to purchase cases of a product when it goes on sale. Most sales are repeated every 4 to 12 weeks. Start keeping track of how often a sale is repeated and shop accordingly. It’s that simple. Some sales are repeated more often than that during certain times of the year. For example, dairy products are usually on sale more often during the summer months.

3. Don’t Be a Shelf-Clearer

Let’s be honest. You don’t really need twenty boxes of cereal. It doesn’t matter how great the deal is or even if you can get it for free. Chances are you’ll end up throwing out a lot of the product because you didn’t need that much, and it expired. Only buy as much as your family needs over the next 3 to 4 months.  Another sale will come up by then.

4. Buy Things You Actually Need

If you love to shop, you may buy items simply because you can get them for free. Some people buy items they really don’t need. For example, they may buy diapers because they were free and do not have any babies in the house. It doesn’t matter if the item is free. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Of course, an exception is if you will donate or gift the item you get on a great deal.

5. Make Sure the Sale Is Worth It

Shopping at more than one store is a great way to save money and get the best deals. However, if you find yourself driving a long distance, stop and ask yourself if the sale price is really worth it. You are, after all, spending money on gas to get that sale price. 

You don’t have to go to extremes to save money. You can cut the cost of your groceries and household items without driving to another town or buying more than you need. Shop smart and coupon responsibly, and you will find that you are saving time and money without going to the extreme.

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