Silkies Promo Code 20% off Save on Shapewear, Pantyhose, Socks, and Masks

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For a limited time, shop and receive 20% off your entire order when you enter promo code C596 at checkout! Plus, when you spend $40 or more after promotions you will automatically receive FREE shipping!

I just placed an order for these items, some of which are already my favorite but I am looking forward to trying their masks out. All of the masks I have on hand are not comfortable and I find it hard to breathe with them on. So I am hoping the masks are a better feel for me!

Protective Face Mask (2 Pack) One Size – $16.99 but just $13.59 with promo code C596

Silkies Amazing 3-In-1 Socks – $8.79 but just $7.03 with promo code C596
Not cheap for a two pack of socks but these feel so lightweight and comfortable!

Sculptz Shaping Shorts – $12.99 but just $10.39 with promo code C596
These are the perfect shaping shorts! I also wear these during that time of the month, as the pressure from the shorts helps me with cramps. ?

Silkies 65 Degree Control Top Sheer Pantyhose – $14.99 but just $11.99 with promo code C596
I have been a huge fan of their Control Top Pantyhose like forever, so I am excited to try out the “cooling” fabric version.


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