Stock Up Deal On Batteries AA and AAA

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In this day and age of technological gadgets and gizmos, who doesn’t need a great stock up price on batteries?! I know I sure do, especially on AA and AAA sizes!

I recently read some rave reviews about batteries purchased from Dollar Tree and these people were raving about the quality as well as the price. I haven’t yet purchased batteries from a dollar store so I am unaware of the quality. I did take a look at the quantity and for alkaline (not heavy duty) batteries they come in packs of 2 or 3. That makes them $0.33 to $0.50 per battery, not really a great price in my book. Therefore, when I came across this deal I just had to share! The ACDelco batteries I have purchased, so I can share my experience on their quality as well.

Right now Amazon has a deal on these 2 large 100 count packages of batteries. They are Super Alkaline batteries and come in sizes AA or AAA. While I have never heard of the ACDelco brand, I have purchased these batteries and can vouch for their quality. In my opinion, they work just as well and last just as long as name-brand counterparts, at a fraction of the cost!

Here are direct links to each of the offers on Amazon:

ACDelco AA Super Alkaline Batteries in Recloseable Package, 100 Count – $24.98 or just 25¢ per battery!

ACDelco AAA Super Alkaline Batteries in Recloseable Package, 100 Count – $22.30 or just 22¢ per battery!

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