Tops Markets: 2015 List of RARE Monopoly Game Pieces

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My whole Monopoly board filled is almost filled, that is except for a few pieces here and there including the rare and semi-rare pieces!   If you have one of these rare or semi-rare pieces on your board, there is a good chance you’ll win that prize!  For official rules & odds of winning, see

  • Grand Prize $250,000 New Home (4 chances to win) – 564R or 565R (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $100,000 His & Her Luxury Cars (6 chances to win) – 570S and 574S (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $35,000 Kitchen & Laundry Makeover (8 chances to win) – 526G and 527G (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $20,000 College Tuition (10 chances to win) – 559P and 563P (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $10,000 Trip to NYC & Designer Wardrobe (12 chances to win) – 554N or 556N (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $5,000 FREE Groceries for a Year (14 chances to win) – 549M or 551M (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $3,000 7-Day Caribbean Cruise for Two (16 chances to win) – 545L and 547L (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $2,500 FREE Gas for a Year (18 chances to win) – 539K and 543K(one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $1,500 Smart HDTV Package (20 chances to win) – 537J or 538J (one rare, one semi-rare)
  • $1,000 Darien Lake Family Vacation (30 chances to win) – 530H
  • $250 Gift Card of your choice (50 chances to win) – 521F
  • $100 Tops Gift Card (100 chances to win) – 518E
  • $50 Family Pack of Movie Tickets (150 chances to win) – 515D
  • $20 Dinner’s On Us (500 chances to win) – 509C
  • $10 Cash (5,000 chances to win) – 507B
  • $5 Cash (10,000 chances to win) – 504A

So do you have any of these pieces? What prize are you hoping to win?! I really want to win the FREE Gas or Groceries for a Year!!


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