Tops Markets: Look at all those Monopoly Tickets!!!

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I know some people just hate the Monopoly game at Tops Markets, but I love it!  I look forward to it every year.  Even those “silly” $0.25 coupons you can win inside the game pieces often make for an even better deal in my matchups because you can “stack” those coupons with manufacturers’ coupons on the same item(s)! 

Last year I kept track of the Monopoly Game Piece coupons in a Tops Coupon Database and I’ll be doing it again this year.  So feel free to share whatever coupons you receive as I’ll gladly add them to my list.

Also if you didn’t realize, each prize in the game has one or two rare pieces.  It’s just the way these sorts of giveaways work so that there are only so many winners in the game, up to the maximum prizes available.  I have the rare and semi-rare pieces already figured out (or at least I think I do!), which you can check out by clicking here.

Through 3/22 at Tops Markets Powerade Drinks are on sale for Buy 6 Get 3 FREE, plus you receive a Monopoly Game Piece for each drink!  Don’t forget that there are My Coke Rewards codes under all those caps too!!!  I’m not going to enter my codes just yet because I want to see if there will be a double points promo on Powerade in the near future.


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