Tops Monopoly Game: Second Chance Entry Info + my personal tip

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Many people have been asking me if they have to send in one Second Chance Entry Form per envelope and thankfully the answer to that question is no!  Here is what the official rules state:

“There is no limit to the number of “Second Chance Sweepstakes” entries an Eligible Entrant may mail in a single envelope (envelope must be no larger than a #10 standard business size envelope of 4-1/8” x 9-1/2” and sufficient postage must be provided), but only official “Second Chance Sweepstakes” entry forms found in select Game Tickets may be submitted. Entries must be legible and on the original Official Entry Form, no photocopies or reproductions of any kind, to be considered an Eligible Entrant.”

So be sure to use the correct size envelope & postage, then mail those second chance entries in!  Also my personal tip to avoid writer’s cramp is if you have extra mailing address labels around the house (who doesn’t?!) affix those to your game pieces.  Your entries will be legible (it’s so hard for me to write in tiny spaces!) and it is a lot easier than writing out your info on each individual entry.  The only thing you may have to write out if your mailing labels don’t include it is your phone number.

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