Tops Video Matchups

Tops Video Matchups
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This week I am trying something new, as I have become obsessed with making videos. 🤣 So for the first time, I made Tops Video Matchups! You can view the weekly ad matched up to coupons in the video below or directly through this link.


I received a great response from this video, even though I know it isn’t the best quality. My goal is to save up enough money from the blog to invest in an HD quality camera!

So then I got the idea that I could do something similar for the Tops unadvertised and clearance pictures I took while in-store on Monday.

I am always taking photos of things, and then it never seems I have enough time to upload them to the blog. And unfortunately, many of my finds just get trashed the next week.

Some days I wish I had 30 hours in the day, don’t you?!

Anyhow, making a video isn’t necessarily a time saver. It takes a couple of hours to create and edit a little 5-minute video. At least for me, right now at my learning stages of this video making, editing, and sharing phase. 😂

However, I am enjoying learning something new, so with that, I share my second video – Tops Unadvertised Deals and Clearance Finds! You can find them in the video below or through this link here.


I hope these visuals are helpful to all of you shoppers! If you like the Tops Video Matchups and would enjoy seeing them in the future, drop a comment below, give my videos a thumbs up, or subscribe to my WNY Deals and To Dos YouTube Channel!

Find the written matchups and unadvertised deals this way!


  1. I usually love your match ups, but not in video format! Made it sooo hard to make my shopping list! Had to keep pausing, rewinding the video…but keep up the great work!

    • I was wondering if that would happen as I am not entirely sure if people make their shopping list from the ad scan. So thank you very much for the feedback! Maybe I will just do unadvertised deals/clearance finds in video format. I think visuals for those sorts of deals work well. Again, thank you for letting me know your thoughts! It helps tremendously knowing how people use the content I share on the blog.

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