Velvet Hair Scrunchies Just 17¢ each + 9 Ways To Wear Them

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Head over to, where you can score an incredible value pack of 60 high-quality velvet hair scrunchies for just $9.99! That makes them 17¢ each.

Scrunchies are once again a fashionable accessory! However, they are not like those from the 90s. Rather than stand out, scrunchies for the here and now should be more classy and mature. You want them to blend in and compliment your outfit.

Avoid glitter, metallic, fuzzy, bright neon, and thick gaudy patterns. Instead, opt for softer, thinner, and more easily matched colors.

This velvet hair scrunchies set has so many different and vibrant colors; you surely will have an excellent match for any outfit!

Plus, scrunchies are flexible enough to squeeze into Easter eggs or save them for a stocking stuffer.

Above all, these velvet hair scrunchies have over 8,000 reviews averaging four and a half stars! Plus, if you are not 100% satisfied, the manufacturer suggests contacting them, and they will make it right.

How To Wear Scrunchies

Variety of ways to work scrunchies into your look

  1. Secure a long braid with a scrunchie at the end. If the hair is thinner and you are worried about the scrunchie falling out, secure with a rubber band first. Then put scrunchie over it to cover up the rubber band.
  2. Hold a bun up with a scrunchie. This hairstyle makes the scrunchie the focus, so be sure it compliments your outfit! Usually, thicker scrunchies hold the bun in better and give a 90s throwback look.
  3. Tie a loose and low ponytail. Brush hair back then gather at the nape of your neck. Loosen hair by shaking your head back and forth slightly, allowing your hair to cover the top of your ears.
  4. Wear a high ponytail. Brush hair forward and upward to remove any knots. Then flip back and brush out any lumps at the top of your head. Finally, secure with your scrunchie.
  5. Do a cute bubble ponytail. Make a regular ponytail with a scrunchie at the top. Next, add two to three more scrunchies throughout the ponytail, keeping them equal distance apart from one another.
  6. Go for two side braids. First, part your hair down the middle and braid on each side. Then attach each with a scrunchie at the end.
  7. Half up and half down. This style is particularly good if you have shorter hair. Pull the top section of your hair up and secure with a scrunchie, leaving the rest of your hair loose.
  8. Side ponytail. Gather your hair to one side and secure it with a scrunchie. Again loosen your hair for a casual look.
  9. Not in your hair. Wear scrunchies on your wrist or ankle for a fashion statement too!

Grab the 60 pack of velvet scrunchies on for just $9.99 before the price goes up!

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