Where To Go Blueberry Picking In WNY

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Summers here in WNY are short, so it is best to maximize your time outdoors in the sunshine! One way that my family loves to soak up the sun is to go blueberry picking at a local farm. We enjoy the experience of picking our own fruit and blueberries are, in my opinion, one of the easiest fruits to pick!

Blueberries grow on bushes in a bunch and are about eye level, making them super easy to pick. Place your bucket under the bunch and just pluck off the berries. I recommend picking only round, fully ripe blueberries that are not split. At some farms you might even be able to pick raspberries or cherries as the part of blueberry season overlaps with these two fruit seasons.

Below is a list of where to go blueberry picking at some of the best U-pick farms that our region has to offer. You will be happy to get out to one or a few of these places, but don’t wait too long WNY! Blueberry picking season lasts just a few short weeks, from about mid-July to early August.

Abers Acres
884 Route 394, Kennedy NY 14747 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.267.2431

Awald Farms
2195 Shirley Road, North Collins NY 14111 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.337.2997

Becker Farms
3724 Quaker Road, Gasport NY 14067 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.772.2211

Blueberry Meadows
1414 Rowe Avenue, Westons Mills NY 14760 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.373.2865

Burch Farms
527 North Avenue, Hilton NY 14468
Phone:  585.392.2095

Burdick Blueberries
8267 Thompson Road, Cattaraugus NY 14719 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.257.9760

Childs Blueberries
3172 Cooper Hill Road, Hinsdale NY 14743 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.557.2529 or 716.557.2324

Coulter Farms
3871 North Ridge Road, Lockport NY 14094 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.434.5700 or 716.433.8300

Erdle Farm
12229 Hanford Road, Silver Creek NY 14136
Phone:  716.934.9599

Great Valley Berry Patch
5608 Humphrey Road, Great Valley NY 14741 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.945.5221

Green Acre Fruit Farm
3460 Latta Road, Rochester NY 14612
Phone:  585.234.0252

Greg’s U-Pick
9270 Lapp Road, Clarence Center NY 14032 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.741.4239

Hurd Orchards
17260 Ridge Road, Holley NY 14470
Phone:  585.638.8838

Pepper’s Blueberry Hill Farm
3290 Bear Creek Road, Franklinville NY 14737 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.307.0903 or 716.307.5985

South Hill Farms
9419 South Hill Road, Colden NY 14033 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.941.5882 or 716.432.4485

The Blueberry Patch
2918 Carpenter Pringle Road, Ashville NY 14710 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.782.4942

The Blueberry Treehouse Farm
1897 Davis Road, West Falls NY 14170 (Get Directions)
Phone:  716.833.8733

Whittier Fruit Farm (formerly called Russell’s U-Pick)
7399 Lake Road, Appleton NY 14008
Phone:  585.594.9054

Yerico Farms
3186 E. Main Road, Sheridan NY 14048
Phone:  716.673.1271


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