5 Overlooked Tips on How To Save Money

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If you are looking for additional ways on how to save money, here are five often overlooked tips.

Use The Library for Books

It’s a sad fact that books have gotten progressively more expensive over the years. Unfortunately, this means a deep-seated love for reading can quickly turn into a rapidly dwindling bank balance.

However, there is a way for you to satisfy your need to read for free. Local libraries are full of books, with something for everyone. You can borrow them without charge, and you are sure to find at least something which will appeal to your tastes.

Libraries can also provide materials for special needs like large print books or audiobooks. You can even borrow movies or music CDS! Many libraries now allow you to take out STEAM toys to use while on-site, so kids can try out these gadgets while enjoying their time at the library.

Above all, libraries have a whole host of options for you to make use of, and you don’t have to pay a single thing.

Learn to Repair or Repurpose Your Clothes

Did you ever get a hole in a favorite pair of jeans and resign yourself to throwing them away? The next time it happens, consider whether or not a bit of simple stitching could save you the price of a new pair.

You can quickly patch small holes, sew on lost buttons, and repurpose garments ripped beyond repair. For example, you can make a throw pillowcase from an old sweater. Or turn a holey towel into a bunch of smaller dusting rags. A third example is creating an embellishment or accessory from a worn-out piece of clothing.  Think about making scrunchies, headbands, or scarves from another article.

Basic sewing kits are cheap to pick up and simple to learn how to use. Besides, if you’re stumped, there are plenty of guides out there on the internet to help you.

Give Up Your Dishwasher/Dryer

Dishwashers and tumble dryers are the ultimate convenience. At the push of a button, chores you used to do by hand are now automatic with no mess and no fuss.

Of course, this convenience comes with a cost, and that cost is a higher electricity bill at the end of the month. Why not save yourself that money by letting clothes air-dry and doing the dishes by hand?

A clothing rack and a bottle of dish liquid are a cheap investment, and by doing these chores by hand, you’re also burning calories at the same time.

Look Out for Cheaper Entertainment

No question about it, going to the movies and dining out at restaurants is expensive. While they are a good use of time and a fun way to spend with loved ones, there are much more savvy ways to use your money.

For example, online streaming services are cheaper than the cinema, and unlike traditional video rental places, most sites don’t charge late fees.

Also do not forget you can rent movies from local libraries, again for no charge, as mentioned in the first tip. Besides, the library often has many of the newest releases, so you don’t need to feel you will be binge-watching movies from the 80s.

As for restaurant wining and dining, many local venues offer nights where kids eat free with an adult entree purchase.

A second idea is cooking for friends at home and then having them entertain you another night in return! A cooking exchange is a much cheaper and more intimate way to enjoy good food and company.

Of course, there are lots of pastimes where you can save money. For example, instead of paying to use the gym, you could consider taking up jogging – all you need to jog is a good pair of sneakers, and you don’t need to buy any expensive memberships to use the streets.

A second option is walking the malls at no extra charge. Many local malls even open early to allow people to mall walk in a safe and comfortable environment. This option is especially ideal when the weather is not cooperating with your exercise plan.

Search Out Offers and Vouchers

Always take the time to check out offers advertised by retailers either in print ads, online, or through their app. Sometimes a retailer uses a sneaky hook designed to get you to buy more than you intended or needed. They may also offer “cash” rewards, in the form of a coupon, to give you an incentive to return soon.

Yes, often these offers give you a substantial discount. However, more importantly, be sure you don’t spend more than you need. Try to make your transaction as close to the minimum requirement as possible to maximize your savings.

Additionally, there are many online sites devoted to cataloging deals and money-off vouchers. Please take a look at some of my favorite local daily deal sites here or use a search engine to see what websites offer the discounts you need. Every bit of money you save is helpful in the long run.

One final tip: if you’re a student or senior citizen, always remember to ask if retailers offer a discount – some retailers don’t advertise it even if they do, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I hope at least one of these tips helps you save money in a way you may have overlooked.

Do you have any other suggestions for ways to save money that others may find useful? Share with us in the comments below!

If you are looking for additional ways for how to save money, here are five often overlooked tips.
If you are looking for additional ways for how to save money, here are five often overlooked tips.
If you are looking for additional ways for how to save money, here are five often overlooked tips.

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