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I know, I know. We haven’t even gotten through Halloween yet and Christmas stuff is out already! I just love seeing all the new holiday-themed items available at Dollar Tree though. There are tons of cute things! So I figured I would take pictures of what I liked and share them with you all here. There are even some photos of non-Christmas stuff I found…I promise!

There are some cool masks, including name brands like Iron Man and Star Wars.

I loved this candy jar and just had to have it. It’s made of plastic, but really clear and perfect for storing Halloween treats in!

These gift boxes have an insert inside to hold a gift card. I thought these were nice gift boxes if giving any gift cards this year.

When I used to buy cake decorating supplies, they were so costly! I loved finding these inexpensive versions at Dollar Tree! While not the highest quality for the decorator tips, the cake boards were really nice for a buck. The decorating spatulas, icing comb set, and small decorating tools were all a good deal in my opinion too.

I guess this Jack Skellington gift wrap is a hot commodity from reading message boards, so I was happy to have found it at my store. They have a lot of other great designs too, including Mickey Mouse, The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, and more.

These wrapping paper cutters are awesome to clip coupons with too!!

Adorable mini ornaments that would go perfectly on the mini Christmas trees available at the Dollar Tree. Plus they have lots of sizes of jingle bells – small, medium, and large!

There are tons of wood crafts available to get creative this holiday season!

Another hot commodity is the glue guns! I haven’t yet tried them out but for a buck, it seems like a great deal! If you have tried this particular glue gun, let us know in the comments what you think of the product.

Here are the mini Christmas trees – available in green and white! They are thin branches so lots of room to fill in with garland, tinsel, and ornaments.

There’s also a really adorable snowflake wreath you can make using these wreaths! Check out the video from The Daily DIYer here.

These smell like gingerbread cookies!

These LED projector lights look pretty neat, although not sure how the quality is.

More decorations and tree skirts for the mini Christmas trees!

They have selected pieces from the Cobblestone Corners Christmas village set available in stores. If you’d like to buy the whole set, grab it online here and pick it up at your local store for no extra charge!

There are so many different ornaments to choose from!

Lots of options for tinsel too!

The hanging signs are adorable – so hard to pick a favorite!

The gnome stuff they have this year is insanely cute!!!

And lots of the ever-popular red trucks with a Christmas tree in the back!

I love all of the bows, especially the santa belt bows!

And then they have buckets with the santa belt design! So festive!

These pet costumes are too cute!! I believe they only have them for small dogs though.

The gift tags are way too adorable!

Last and maybe least exciting of all (haha) are these Masters of the Universe toys. They reminded me of my hubby who loved these from the 80s so I took a picture to show him. They’d make a great stocking stuffer though!

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