Coupon Jargon & Other Money-Saving Terms

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Whether you just started couponing or wish to brush up on your coupon jargon, here is a list of popular money-saving terms used throughout the couponing community. Many deal blogs and coupon forums widely use these abbreviations, so it is good to familiarize yourself with this list. You can also print out a hard copy to save in your coupon binder or pouch for easy reference in the future. Happy saving!

Sunday Newspaper Insert Abbreviations (date is found in tiny print on the spine of the insert):

  • SS = SmartSource insert
  • SAVE = Save insert (formerly Red Plum and Retail Me Not)
  • GM = General Mills (usually a quarterly coupon insert)
  • P&G or PG = Procter and Gamble (a monthly coupon insert)

Retailer Jargon:

  • ECB (CVS Pharmacy) = ExtraCare Bucks, store coupons/money to use on a future order
  • CRT (CVS Pharmacy) = Cash Register Tape; these are coupons that randomly print at the bottom of your receipt and are usually based on your purchase history
  • RA = Rite Aid
  • CTC = Click-to-Card e-coupons found on a retailer’s website, these are linked to your loyalty card, and you will receive the savings once it is scanned
  • Wags = Walgreens
  • RR (Walgreens) = Register Reward, store coupons/money to use on a future order
  • IVC (Walgreens) = Instant Value Coupon, found in the monthly coupon booklets in store and can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons
  • BOGO or B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • B2G1 = Buy Two Get One Free
  • BOGO50 = Buy One Get One 50% Off
  • Blinkies = Coupon dispensers mounted on grocery/drugstore shelves that blink; these coupons can be used at any store, not necessarily the one you found it in
  • BTFE = Box Tops For Education
  • CAT = Short for Catalina, a paper coupon printed at checkout from a smaller machine located near the register
  • CS = Customer Service
  • HBA = Health & Beauty Aisle

Other Coupon and Money Saving Terms:

  • $1.00/2, $3.00/1, etc. = Save $1.00 on the purchase of 2 items, Save $3.00 on the purchase of 1 item, etc.
  • CO51 = Checkout 51 (cash back app)
  • DND = Do Not Double
  • DNT = Do Not Triple
  • ETS = Excludes Trial/Travel Size
  • EX or X = Expires On
  • FAR = Free After Rebate
  • FB = Facebook
  • Filler = Usually an inexpensive item needed in your order to reach a minimum total for the deal
  • GC = Gift Card
  • Hangtag = A coupon that is hanging from the “neck” of a product.
  • HTH = Hope That Helps
  • IG = InstaGram
  • IP = Internet Printable (Coupon), usually limited to 2 prints per computer
  • IRC = Instant Redeemable Coupon, it is the technical term for the word “peelie”.  See “Peelie”.
  • ISO = In Search Of (a particular coupon/s)
  • KFR = Kellogg’s Family Rewards. Collect and enter the codes found inside select Kellogg’s product packaging, then redeem them for coupons, gift cards, and more.
  • Loyalty Card = A free card you sign up for through a retailer to give you extra savings or rewards at checkout.
  • MC or MQ = Manufacturer’s Coupon
  • MFR = Manufacturer
  • MIR = Mail-in Rebate
  • MM = Money Maker
  • NED = No Expiration Date
  • NLA = No Longer Available
  • One Coupon Per Purchase = You can use one coupon per item in your order.  So if you were purchasing 4 items you could use 4 coupons (this can be confusing to a cashier!).
  • One Coupon Per Transaction = You can use only one coupon for that particular item regardless of how many you are purchasing in your order.
  • One Coupon Per Customer = You can only use one coupon for that particular item on that visit.
  • OOP = Out-of-Pocket
  • Overage or O = Overage, when the selling price is lower than the face value of the coupon, you may sometimes receive overage toward other items in your order.
  • OYNO = On Your Next Order
  • Peelie = Peel off coupon found on the product for which the savings is intended.
  • Purchase Based Coupon = These specify a minimum spend requirement to receive a certain dollar amount off.  For example $2.00 off a $10.00 purchase.  This can be stacked with the manufacturer and/or store coupons.
  • Q/Qpon = Coupon
  • = Regional, referring to a coupon or deal that may only be available in certain regions.
  • RC or Rain Check = A customer can request this from a store that is out-of-stock on a particular sale item.  This slip of paper allows that customer to receive the sale price once the store restocks the item, even after the sale ends.  Stores will sometimes include an expiration date or quantity limit on the rain check.
  • Rolling (Catalina Coupons) = This refers to a customer splitting up transactions to maximize their savings from a Catalina offer.  The Catalina generated from the first order would be used on the second-order and another Catalina will print, which is used on the third order, and so on.
  • Stacking = Using a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item.
  • Stockpile = Using coupons and sales to create a stash of products purchased at rock bottom prices that your family can use when you run out of a particular item.
  • Tearpad or TP = A coupon pad found in the store attached to the shelf or a display
  • TMF = Try Me Free (Rebate)
  • Transaction = The payment you make for all of the items you purchase in your order.  Some couponers will split up their transactions for different reasons to maximize savings.
  • UFT = Up For Trade
  • UPC = Universal Product Code, bar code on a product
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • YMMV = Your Mileage (or Manager) May Vary; basically, your experience may vary depending on the store you visit
  • YT = YouTube
Many deal blogs and coupon forums widely use these abbreviations, so it is good to familiarize yourself with this list. Print it out to include in your coupon binder or pouch too!  #coupon #coupons #couponing #couponcommunity

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