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If you have a child that loves Sesame Street, be sure you grab this freebie! For a limited time, you can download Sesame Street: Learn Along With Sesame Series on Amazon Video for FREE!  

Note that buying individual episodes often costs money. Therefore, make sure you are purchasing the entire Season 1 and that the cost is $0.00 before finalizing your order!

The Learn Along with Sesame Season 1 series contains 10 different episodes.  You will receive all 10 as part of your purchase.

Here is the list of episodes included:

A is for Asthma CC TV-Y January 1, 1998, 15 minutes
Elmo and Rosita learn what to do when their friend has trouble breathing. Presented by Sesame Street.

Get Healthy Now Show CC TV-Y January 1, 2007, 24 minutes
The Sesame Street pals put on a show about healthy living. Presented by Sesame Street.

Happy; Healthy; Ready for School CC TV-Y January 1, 2004, 18 minutes
Elmo gets ready for school. Presented by Sesame Street.

Happy Healthy Ready for School: Fun at Home CC TV-Y January 1, 2007, 22 minutes
Sesame Street’s Elmo and Abby discover they can learn anytime; anywhere. Presented by Sesame Street.

Lead Away CC TV-Y January 1, 1996, 14 minutes
Oscar; Elmo and Rosita learn how to protect themselves from the dangers of lead. Presented by Sesame Street.

Let’s Get Ready: Planning for Emergencies CC TV-Y January 1, 2008, 16 minutes
Grover and Rosita show children and parents fun and easy ways to prepare for an emergency.

Music Works Wonders CC TV-Y January 1, 2001, 22 minutes
Elmo discovers the joy of music. Presented by Sesame Street.

Math Is Everywhere CC TV-Y September 14, 2010, 19 minutes
Math Is Everywhere introduces children to math skills for future school success.

Food For Thought CC TV-Y December 1, 2010, 24 minutes
Helping families eat healthy on a budget.

For Me, For You, For Later CC TV-Y April 12, 2011, 16 minutes
For Me, for You, for Later Full Special.

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