Top 15 Outdoor Toys To Get From Dollar Tree

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Well, the nice weather is almost upon us, which means the kiddos will be spending more time outdoors (hopefully!).  Here are some of my top picks to grab the next time you are at Dollar Tree to help the kids have some inexpensive outdoor fun!

1.  Inflatable Beach Balls – these are not only great for the pool but fun to toss or kick around a big grassy field.  Plus, they have new shapes, like this emoji and shark design I recently spotted at my Dollar Tree.

2.  Bug Nets – they have small catchers for tinier bugs and larger wands that kids can use to catch butterflies.  Kids can also use the larger nets to play catch with small foam balls.

3.  You can always seem to find bubbles at Dollar Tree, but I’m impressed at the variety of bubble-blowing tools they also have available.  This year seems no different – from bubble blowers to large wands, you are sure to find something inexpensive to add to your bubble bucket.

4.  Foam Gliders with stickers included! These are easy to put together, and kids will have fun decorating their glider planes, then seeing how far their creation can fly!

5.  Flying discs are always fun to toss around, and these are even cuter with their smiley faces! They come in a few different colors.  Kids can take turns tossing their disc across the lawn to see which color goes the farthest. Or make your own “can” to aim these flying discs at for points!

6.  These mini orange traffic cones can be used for goals or boundaries; however, kids are sure to find other imaginative uses.  If you don’t mind investing in several cones, you could have the kids play a memory game out in the yard!  For example, if you purchase 20 cones, then have 10 pairs of items to hide under the cones.  You could have 2 ping pong balls, a pair of socks, 2 rocks, 2 pieces of chalk, etc.  Once the items have been hidden, kids take turns trying to find a pair.  Or you can have children find all pairs one at a time and see who has the fastest time!

7.  Kites are always fun, but of course, they require somewhat of a windy day.  These particular kites from Dollar Tree are on the small side, so while perfect for younger children, they might not hold older kids’ attention. 

If shopping for older kids, consider this super amazing (and huge!) Octopus kite from Amazon.  It is so incredible, and while not a buck, still inexpensive enough and worth every penny!

8. Buckets, shovels, scoops, and hand rakes – these are perfect for the beach, of course, but kids will also have fun using these plastic tools in the dirt, sandbox, water table, or pool.

9.  Large Water Blasters are a ton of fun in the pool!  No pool?  Kids can also use them for a water war right on the lawn!  Just be sure they have a place to fill up their blaster as they will need to do so often.

10.  Foam boards, which are perfect for the pool!

11.  Inflatable splash rings – these are on the small side, but my kids loved using them in the wading pool when they were toddlers.  They used to have larger-sized rings, available as a tire, pizza, or donut design, so keep an eye out for those if shopping for a slightly older child.  You could also use these splash rings to toss at those orange cones mentioned earlier in this post.

12.  Glow Beach Balls! These seem really neat, especially for later in the day as the sun sets.  I haven’t tried these yet but plan to grab a few.  They will be a lot of fun for the kids to play with while waiting for fireworks on the 4th of July.

13.  Plastic baseballs and golf balls. These are perfect for practicing your swing and if you lose one or two, you didn’t spend much on them!

14.  Plastic bat with ball – perfect size for little ones practicing!

15.  Chalk Burst – These are new to me but seem like something kids would have fun with.  I’m not exactly sure how they work, but the kid in the pic seems to have a white shirt on with many chalk bursts on it.   Maybe this is some sort of “chalk tag” instead of using paintballs?

Have you found anything interesting at your Dollar Tree that you think would be perfect for outdoor play? Share in the comments below!

With nicer weather upon us, your children will hopefully be spending more time outdoors!  Here are some of my top outdoor toys to pick up next time you are at Dollar Tree!


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